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After long-term use of air-cooled chillers


When we use the air-cooled chiller for too long, it wil […]

When we use the air-cooled chiller for too long, it will have a certain impact on its operation, so everyone should pay attention to whether there is any fault in the process of daily work. So what problems will occur when the chiller is used for too long? Let's take a look at the possible faults of the chiller with Nanjing Ruihongkang.
First, frequent failures: After using the air-cooled chiller for more than 2 to 3 years, if the chiller often has various failures, similar failures will continue to occur after a short period of time after troubleshooting. There is usually a problem of high failure rate, which is directly related to daily maintenance and maintenance. The normal use of industrial refrigerators within 4 years, as long as regular maintenance, the probability of failure is very low, if the failure occurs frequently, it needs to be detected in time to avoid the continuous expansion of the scope of the failure.
Second, the increase in energy consumption: when the air-cooled chiller is operating normally, due to the existence of various industrial refrigerator operation data, the amount of energy consumed by the chiller per unit time can be judged. If the energy consumption of the industrial refrigerator continues to increase, it means that the industrial refrigerator may be in a faulty operation state. At this time, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive maintenance and maintenance for the equipment, so that the fault can be found and eliminated in time, which is important for improving the operation safety of the equipment. stability has an important impact.
Third, low cooling performance: When the air-cooled chiller runs for a period of time, if there is a serious decline in cooling performance, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment in time. In the case of eliminating compressor failures, the main reason for the performance degradation of industrial refrigerators is the evaporator failure, such as low efficiency of the evaporator, or more dust on the surface of the evaporator, which affects the normal operation. As long as the specific cause of the failure can be found and repaired in time, the stable operation of the chiller can be guaranteed.

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