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Box freezer series


 Box-type refrigerator series machine features.  1. Thi […]

 Box-type refrigerator series machine features.
 1. This machine adopts a microcomputer control system, the temperature and freezing time are all digital and intelligent, and it provides a variety of fault protection functions.
2. Multiple fault protection functions: overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, electronic overheating, etc.
3. Adopt German advanced closed system, refrigeration system (including compressor) adopts imported accessories, which save more than 75% energy than traditional refrigerator.
4. The shoes have been vacuumed and shaped-rapid freezing-dehumidification.
5. The setting speed is fast, it can drop to minus 15℃ in 6-8 minutes, and the power consumption is 1.5 degrees per hour (ordinary refrigerators have 5 degrees per hour).


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