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Causes of peculiar smell in screw chillers


1. The so-called peculiar smell, that is, under the inf […]

1. The so-called peculiar smell, that is, under the influence of external factors, the cooking materials and food in the screw chiller will produce an abnormal smell through physical and chemical changes. Attached to the wall, ceiling, equipment and things of the screw chiller. The peculiar smell occurs in the screw chiller. Generally speaking, there are the following factors: The screw chiller has a peculiar smell before food is fed. Before entering the screw chiller, the food has corruption and metamorphosis, such as metamorphic eggs, meat, fish, etc. The screw-type chiller that has stored fish will store food such as meat, eggs, or fruits and vegetables without cleaning, which will cause the smell to be tainted and transformed. The screw chiller has poor ventilation and excessive temperature and humidity, resulting in a large number of molds and mildew. The disclosure of the refrigeration pipeline of the screw chiller, the refrigerant (ammonia) corrodes into the food and causes the peculiar smell. The temperature in the screw chiller does not drop, causing the meat to deteriorate and produce a rotten smell. This situation often occurs when the fresh meat is not frozen, and it is transferred to the warehouse for storage. Foods with different odors are stored in a screw chiller stack, causing food flavors to contaminate each other.
2. The way to avoid the occurrence of peculiar smell in the screw chiller The food refrigerated by the screw chiller needs to pass the inspection, and the food that has not changed can be stored in the warehouse. Beijing chiller screw chiller stack must not have peculiar smell before purchasing. If there is peculiar smell, it needs to be dealt with technically and can be used after cleaning the peculiar smell. Usually, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of refrigeration equipment, and prohibit dumping and unloading, so as to avoid smashing the pipeline and causing refrigerant leakage. In the cold processing process of food, it is necessary to keep the screw chiller stack at a certain temperature, and frozen food must not be transferred or stored. If the stack temperature of the screw chiller cannot be lowered, the elements should be searched, and food processing should be carried out after cleaning. Foods that are contaminated with each other shall not be stored in the screw chiller.


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