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Central air conditioning cleaning strategy


 One, the principle of central air conditioning refrige […]

 One, the principle of central air conditioning refrigeration
   If you want to clean the central air conditioner, you must first understand its refrigeration principle, and then know how to clean it. Liquid vaporization refrigeration uses the heat absorption during liquid vaporization and the exothermic effect during condensation to achieve refrigeration. The liquid vaporizes to form steam. When the liquid (refrigerating medium) is in a closed container, in addition to the liquid and the vapor generated by the liquid itself, there is no other gas in the container. The liquid and vapor will reach equilibrium at a certain pressure. The vapor is called saturated steam, the pressure is called the saturation pressure, and the temperature is called the saturation temperature. During equilibrium, the liquid no longer vaporizes. At this time, if a part of the steam is pumped out of the container, the liquid must continue to vaporize to produce a part of steam to maintain this balance.
  The low-pressure gas sucked in by the compressor is compressed by the compressor to become high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The high-temperature gas passes through the heat exchanger to increase the water temperature, and the high-temperature gas will condense and become liquid. The liquid then enters the evaporator to evaporate. (The evaporator must have heat exchange media at the same time. The model and structure of different machines are different according to the heat exchange media. Commonly used are air cooling and ground source.) The liquid changes after passing through the evaporator. It becomes a low-pressure and low-temperature gas, which is sucked into the compressor again for compression.
   2. Why do household central air conditioners need to be cleaned?
   Regular cleaning of household central air conditioners that have been used for a long time has many benefits. First of all, it is good for health. The central air conditioner can effectively kill bacteria after cleaning, so as to ensure that the fan coil port sends out fresh and high-quality heating and cooling; secondly, to ensure the use effect. After the central air conditioner is used for a period of time, some debris will remain in the pipeline, which is easy to block the pipeline. Regular cleaning can ensure the normal operation of the system and ensure the heating and cooling effect. Third, it can save costs. Regular cleaning of the scale and impurities in the central air conditioner can improve the heat exchange efficiency of the system, reduce the waste of fuel and energy, thereby saving operating costs; finally, it can extend the service life. If central air conditioners are used for a long time, there will be corrosion inside the equipment. Regular cleaning for preventive treatment and maintenance can slow down the corrosion rate and help extend the service life of the air conditioner. Yaxin air conditioner cleaning experts remind everyone: household air conditioners should be cleaned 2-3 times a year.
   Three, household central air conditioner cleaning method
   1. Central air conditioning physical cleaning method and cost
   A type of cleaning method that stops cleaning the circulating water system or its equipment by physical or mechanical means. Commonly used physical cleaning methods are the main engine through the gun, which is to remove the accumulation or infarction in the tube by tightening the air or manually passing tools such as punches, rubber plugs, nylon brushes or round steel through the heat exchanger tube. Open the end cover of the main engine, and use a gun to pass the copper pipe one by one to clean the biological slime and rust residue on the pipe wall. After the end of the gun, rinse it with high-pressure water. Then thoroughly eradicate all rust residues and scales on the side of the water chamber and the inner wall of the end cover, and brush the anti-rust paint twice to play the role of rust removal, rust prevention, scale removal, and scale prevention.
  2. Central air-conditioning chemical cleaning method and cost
  A type of cleaning method that dissolves, loosens, falls or peels off the deposits in the equipment being cleaned by the action of chemicals. Commonly used chemical cleaning methods include acid cleaning, alkaline cleaning, complexing agent cleaning, sterilization cleaning and so on. Chemical cleaning is generally used to remove hard scale and deposits in bends and joints in equipment and pipelines. Using a professional single cycle cleaning method, organic acid plus complexing agent, and high-efficiency corrosion inhibitor, the corrosion of copper pipes is ten times lower than that of inorganic acid, and it can quickly remove scale and scale on the basis of effective maintenance of equipment. Derusting. Yaxin independently develops and produces dozens of professional products involving ordinary air duct cleaning, special air duct cleaning, oil fume duct cleaning, clean room air duct cleaning, water system cleaning and pharmaceuticals.
   Fourth, central air conditioning cleaning steps
  Central air conditioner cleaning method The first step: first open the indoor cover of the air conditioner, take out the filter, brush with a clean filter brush, and brush off most of the dirt attached to the filter.
The second step of the central air conditioner cleaning method: Then soak it in a mixture of special-effect air conditioner cleaning liquid or homemade cleaning liquid or detergent and soap powder for 10-20 minutes, depending on the degree of dirtiness of the filter. After soaking, use a bottle brush to gently brush the filter screen to make each filter hole clear and transparent without any signs of clogging.
  The third step of central air conditioning cleaning method: dry it with a special cleaning cloth and check that it is intact. After the filter is installed in the body, it will be checked whether it is operating normally. If it is normal, the order can be signed and accepted, and the cleaning work is over. Household central air conditioner cleaning is beneficial to improve the refrigeration efficiency; it is beneficial to improve the cooling effect, to extend the life of the household air conditioner equipment, to improve the energy saving effect, and to the user's health. The effect is healthier and more ideal than the "healthy air conditioner".


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