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Chiller refrigeration equipment maintenance


   1. The sequence of opening and stopping the chiller. […]

   1. The sequence of opening and stopping the chiller.

   To ensure that the air-conditioning host can operate normally after it is started, it must be ensured that:

  The condenser has excellent heat dissipation. Otherwise, the high pressure of the condensing temperature and corresponding condensing pressure will cause the chiller to shut down the high-pressure maintenance device, which will lead to shortcomings.

The cold water in the evaporator should circulate, otherwise it will stop due to the cold water temperature being low, which will cause the cold water temperature maintenance device to stop, or the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure are too low, which is the high pressure maintenance device of the chiller. The cold water in the evaporator freezes and damages the equipment.

   Therefore, the start-up sequence of the chiller is:

   The cooling tower fan is on. The cooling water pump is on. The chilled water pump is on. The chiller is off.

The shutdown sequence of chiller is:

   The chiller stops. The cooling tower fan stops. The cooling water pump stops. The cold water pump stops.


  ① When shutting down, the chiller should be shut down half an hour before work, and the chilled water pump should be shut down after work, which is conducive to reducing the flow of power, and at the same time preventing shortcomings from shutting down and maintaining the unit.

  ② Before operating the refrigeration cycle, make sure that the heating cycle piping valves are all blocked.

  2, the operation of the chiller.

  ① The obligation to prepare before starting up.

   1) Confirm that the power supply of the unit and the controller is turned on.

   2) Confirm that the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, and cold water pump are all turned on.

  3) Confirm that the fan coil units have been powered on at the end.

  ② Start.

   1) Press the shape key on the keyboard, and the chiller will then switch the unit ON/OFF (on/off) toggle switch on the keyboard to the ON position.

  2) The unit will perform a self-check. After a few seconds, one compressor will start, and the other compressor will start after the load increases.

  3) Once the unit is started, all controls are not active. The unit actively starts and stops according to the change of the cooling load (the temperature of the chilled water supply and return water).

  ③ Normal operation.

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