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Chiller's exhaust temperature and efficient operation


The exhaust temperature of the compressor in the chille […]

The exhaust temperature of the compressor in the chiller determines whether the operation of the equipment can be fluctuated and efficiently at a certain level. Among them, the problem that the compressor is very prone to is that the exhaust temperature is too high. Under the circumstances, it will easily make the pressure of industrial chillers become too high, the temperature rise, the load is too high, the work compliance of the chiller compressor, the cooling capacity will be reduced, and other problems will be caused.
Excessively high exhaust temperature of the chiller will indirectly lead to the lowering of the compliance of the equipment at a certain level. This will indirectly lead to the excessively high exhaust temperature for many reasons, such as insufficient cooling water flow and water temperature. Too high for a long time, the exhaust temperature will be too high, once the compressor exhaust temperature is too high, workmanship will be problematic, and after the high temperature gas is expelled to the condenser, the condenser cannot completely cool the refrigerant.
The cooling water in the water tank of the chiller and the cooling tower of the water-cooled industrial chiller can take away the heat of the working parameters of the compressor at a certain level. If the cooling water flow and the air-cooled chiller water tank and the water-cooled industrial chiller water tower can be guaranteed The heat dissipation and ventilation ability of the new technology can keep the cooling water temperature within a limited range, which can be used to reduce the temperature of the compressor.
The so-called indirect reduction of the compressor's exhaust temperature in the chiller can start from reducing the compressor's compression ratio, low load, etc. The low compression ratio will make the compressor's compliance lower, but it can handle the compressor's exhaust temperature. Excessive questions.
   At the same evaporating temperature and condensing temperature of the chiller, different types of split-type chillers have different exhaust temperatures. In addition to the more common R22, there are other types of refrigerants such as R134a. Users should add different refrigerants in accordance with the requirements of the chiller manufacturer.


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