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Good news from Hicon Industry


Recently, Hicon Industry keeps getting good news and wo […]

Recently, Hicon Industry keeps getting good news and won a number of bids for projects at home and abroad.

Qiandao Lake Intime City Commercial Comprehensive Project
The project uses more than 1,000 units of fan coils, more than 100 packaged clean air conditioning units and fresh air treatment units from Hicon.
Qiandao Lake Intime City is located in the core area of Pingshan in the Economic Development Zone, and is a commercial complex integrating office, commercial, catering, fitness and leisure.

2022 Collective Procurement Project of Refrigeration Equipment for Various Plants of Baosteel
The project uses more than 300 sets of industrial precision air conditioners and high temperature industrial air conditioners from Hicon.
Baosteel is one of the major steel rail production bases in China, one of the seamless steel pipe production bases, the largest plate production base in North China, the world's largest rare earth steel production base and the most competitive rare earth production and research base, with annual sales revenue reaching over 100 billion yuan.

Yunnan Dawei Coke Production (Songlin Area) Four Area Separation Project
The project uses multiple constant temperature and humidity air conditioning units of large cooling capacity.

Rolling Mill Air Conditioning Project of Chifeng Zhongtang Special Steel Co. Ltd.
Hundreds of Hicon unitary air-cooled industrial cabinet air conditioner units are used in the project.
Chifeng Zhongtang Special Steel Co. Ltd. is a steel, coking and chemical steel joint venture with an annual output of 2.7 million tonnes of high-quality steel, an annual coking capacity of 1.8 million tonnes in the first phase of technical upgrading, and an annual liquid ammonia capacity of 162,000 tonnes and 115,000 tonnes of LNG.

Hebei Zhangxuan Hi-Tech Metal Melting and Forming Engineering General Contracting Project
The project uses over 60 sets of Hicon industrial unitary air-conditioning products.

220kv Substation Project for Luo Molybdenum Jinshan Mining Industry in Indonesia

The success of these projects is the result of the good reputation that Hicon Industry has gained in previous projects: high quality, performance and good service; the optimised design of Hicon's project solutions and products and the company's pre-sales and post-sales quality and meticulous services, which are always considered from the customer's perspective.

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