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Cycle system of chiller


  When the cold water machine forms the finished produc […]

  When the cold water machine forms the finished product, due to the type of material, the size and shape of the finished product, the required clamping force is also different. When adjusting the mold, please adjust the low clamping force according to the actual demand. In this way, the power consumption can be reduced and the service life of the machine can be significantly extended.
 In the use of industrial chillers, attention must be paid to the safety of the operation. Please check the safety devices of the machine, the safety of the ejector rod and the safety of the safety door at the beginning of each operation. When the machine is running, remember not to put your hand into the clamping mechanism. When taking the finished product, the safety door must be opened, and the safety door can be closed only after confirming the safety of personnel and no foreign objects in the mold. In addition, the Beijing water chiller can not reach between the nozzle and the mold gate during operation. When repairing the mold, please close the oil pump motor.
   Screw chiller has the advantages of high obedience, good function, low noise, low vibration, energy saving, high reliability and long life. According to customer needs and the size of the cold tonnage, single machine or multi-machine combination is adopted. The compressor can be changed according to the load, and the compressor can be automatically rotated to balance the operating hours of each compressor, which greatly extends the application period of the chiller. Application industry 1. Selection of the model size of the special chiller for the injection molding machine. When used for cooling the mold of the injection molding machine, a 25HP chiller is required. When used for cooling of other equipment, it depends on the detailed flow rate of the cooling water circulation. 2. The selection of the heat preservation water tank and the water pump of the chiller is accidentally based on the actual conditions of the customer's workshop. When the open chiller is connected to the water pump, the pump power requirements are the same as those of the box-type chilled water of the same model. 3. The return water temperature of the chiller should not be higher than 40 degrees. The higher the return water temperature, the greater the damage to the compressor.


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