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Do you know the working quality standard of the freezer system?


The content of the working quality standards for air-co […]

The content of the working quality standards for air-conditioning and refrigerating systems:
Quality of air conditioner and refrigerator equipment:
1. The equipment of air conditioners and refrigerators should be produced by nationally recognized manufacturers and qualified products identified by the technical supervision department. The equipment system diagrams, installation and maintenance manuals and other materials are complete and complete;
2. The performance of safety, energy saving and environmental protection should meet the existing national standards and requirements;
Environment and configuration of air-conditioned refrigeration room:
1. The machine room and operation room should have good ventilation, sound insulation, noise reduction and shock absorption facilities, and the water spray tower should have good ventilation and noise prevention measures, and meet the requirements of labor and environmental protection departments;
2. The equipment room should be set up with layout equipment plan and refrigeration and cooling pipeline orientation diagrams. Various pipelines and their orientations have obvious color codes. The main equipment, valves and opening degrees are numbered and listed, and complete equipment technical files are available;
3. Appropriate fire fighting equipment is equipped in the machine room, the environment is clean and the equipment is tidy
The quality of operation management of the refrigerator:
1. The operation and management of the refrigerator should be in charge of a special person, and hold the refrigeration level certificate issued by the labor department;
2. Strictly implement the prescribed management systems and operational work specifications, ensure stable and normal operation, complete and complete records of equipment operation, calibration and water treatment;
3. Carry out maintenance work strictly in accordance with the refrigerator maintenance work specifications, ensure that all equipment, valves, and meters of the refrigeration system are in good condition, water, oil, gas, and pipelines are unblocked without leakage, and all maintenance work records are intact ;
4. The quality of chilled water should meet the requirements of the JB3355-83 standard, and the water supply temperature during refrigeration operation should be 7°C;
5. Regularly analyze the operating conditions and energy consumption indicators of the refrigerator to maintain a good economic operation status; 6. If the condenser, evaporator, and liquid storage cylinder belong to the category of pressure vessels, they must be regularly inspected in accordance with relevant regulations.



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