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Eight tips for more energy-saving central air conditioning!


1. Choose a suitable wind angle Using an air conditione […]

1. Choose a suitable wind angle
Using an air conditioner to select an appropriate outlet angle will cause the temperature of the air to fall faster. After the air temperature becomes lower, the cold air flow is easy to go down, and the air outlet is up during cooling, which has a good cooling effect. In winter, the hot air goes up, and the air outlet should be down during heating, so that the energy saving effect can also be achieved.
2. Improve the maintenance structure of the room
Reduce heat exchange inside and outside the room, which is conducive to saving electricity. For some rooms where the structure of doors and windows is poor and the gap is large, an emergency improvement can be made: such as sealing the window gap with glue paper tape, affixing a layer of transparent plastic film outside the glass window, using shade curtains, and sticking wood on the interior wall Silk board plastic board, painted with white paint on the outside of the wall to reduce the external wall cold consumption.
3. Set the proper temperature
When cooling, do not set too low temperature, if the room temperature is adjusted to 26-27 degrees, its cooling load can be reduced by more than 8%. When the person is sleeping, the metabolic amount is reduced by 30-50%, the air conditioner can be set to the sleep switch, the setting temperature is 2 degrees higher, and the power can be saved by 20%;
4. Use with electric fan
If an electric fan is used when the central air conditioner is used, the blowing power of the electric fan will accelerate the circulation of the indoor cold air, and the cooling air is evenly distributed, and the cooling temperature can be achieved without lowering the set temperature, which can achieve a better cooling effect, which is both comfortable and energy-saving. .
5. Clean the filter regularly
The filter on the panel of the central air conditioner should be inspected at intervals and cleaned once every half a month or so. If there is too much dust, it should be cleaned in warm water not exceeding 45 degrees. After cleaning, it can be dried and then pressed, so that the air supply of the central air conditioner is unobstructed, reducing energy consumption and beneficial to human health.
6. Turn off the air conditioner ten minutes before going out
The central air conditioner should be turned off before going out. It is best to turn off the air conditioner ten minutes before leaving home. Within ten minutes, the room temperature is enough to make people feel cool. Cultivating the habit of turning off the central air conditioner before going out can save energy.
7. Install external machine to avoid sunlight
The central air conditioner should not be installed in a place where the sunlight is directly irradiated. It is easy to heat the outdoor unit in the hot sun in summer, thereby affecting the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner itself. If conditions do not allow, the outdoor unit can only be installed on the sunny side, and residents can install awnings on the top of the outdoor unit.
8. Use frequency conversion home central air conditioner
The main unit of the variable frequency central air conditioner automatically performs stepless speed change, and can automatically provide the required temperature according to the room conditions. When the indoor temperature reaches the required temperature, the empty main unit operates at a constant speed according to this temperature to ensure the stability of the ambient temperature.


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