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Hicon Industry has taken part in many projects abroad


Hicon Industry has been involved in many projects abroa […]

Hicon Industry has been involved in many projects abroad, such as:


2014: Industrial air-conditioners for Formosa Plastics Ha Tinh raw material plant project for POSCO Construction (China) Co. Ltd. in Vietnam

2015: Industrial air-conditioners for the No. 6 600MW steam turbine generator project of Venezuela Central Power Plant in Venezuela

2015: Industrial air-conditioners for the complete coal transmission system project of FFBL captive power plant in Pakistan

2015: Modular air-cooled scroll water chiller for open air bars in Doha, Qatar

2015: Industrial air-conditioners for Mamba Cement EPC Project of Hebei Building Materials Industry Design and Research Institute in South Africa

2015: Commercial air conditioners for ROSMALL Supermarket Project in Tehran, Iran

2015: Electric cabinet air-conditioner for projects in UAE

2016: Industrial air-conditioners for 2.3MT high-speed bar project of Tosyali(Turkey) in Algeria

2015/2019/2021: Industrial chillers for multiple projects of Zhongce Rubber Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd (Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Park, Amata Industrial City, Thailand)

2017: Industrial air-conditioners for 2.3 million ton/year steelmaking projects of Tosyali (Turkey) in Algeria

2018: Water-cooled screw air conditioners for a project for Toray in India

2018: Container air conditioners for an export project of Calgary (Beijing) International Oil & Gas Technology Co. Ltd.

2020: Industrial air-conditioners for 1.2 million tons per year of packaging paper project of Shandong Sun Paper Industry in Laos

2020: Industrial air-conditioners for a Mineral processing project in Algeria

2020: Industrial air-conditioners for grinding system project for processing plant in Pulau Taliabu II, Indonesia

2022: Industrial air-conditioners for 1800 Hot Rolling Project in Turkey

and also other projects in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq etc.


We are still on the road to the world!

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