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How about Denso refrigerators in China


   DENSO began selling refrigerators in China in 2004. […]

   DENSO began selling refrigerators in China in 2004. With the advantages of high quality and low maintenance costs, it has reached a market share of 20% and has established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known domestic refrigerated truck companies.
   Denso Shanghai Technical Center has also developed compressor brackets suitable for a variety of brand models, and introduced to the market products such as dual-temperature units, three-temperature units, and dual-evaporator units that are different from traditional single-temperature models. Meet the needs of customers and improve the competitiveness of products.
   Since 2013, Yantai Shougang Denso Co., Ltd. has carried out the localization of some models, and they are currently on sale nationwide.
   Relying on the Denso Technology Center to develop and design a special bracket for refrigerator compressors that meets China's refrigerated vehicles. It provides a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the refrigeration system.
   Denso Corporation has been adhering to the high-quality requirements for products that have been consistent for 60 years in the manufacture of refrigerators.
  Same as the global sales volume of tens of millions of air conditioners for Denso vehicles as of April 2014, the world's largest share of Denso refrigerators. Denso refrigerators are produced according to the same standard, and they are reliable refrigerators that users can trust.
   In order to respond to the requirements of Chinese refrigerator users, Denso has established a network of "Denso Refrigerator Special Maintenance Stations" directly authorized and managed by Denso, and follows the principle of "close to customers" to provide users with high-quality and comprehensive after-sales service

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