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How can air conditioners save more power


  1. Set the wind angle    The right angle of the wind […]

  1. Set the wind angle
   The right angle of the wind will affect the speed of temperature drop. When the air temperature becomes lower, the cold air flow will go down, and the cooling air outlet will be up, making the cooling effect good. In winter, the heat is always going upward, and the air outlet is downward when heating, which will also achieve the effect of energy saving.
  2. Change the structure of the room
   can also save electricity by reducing heat exchange. For rooms with poor door and window structure and large gaps, some improvements can be made: such as sealing the window gaps with glue paper tape, sticking a layer of transparent plastic film outside the glass windows, using sunshade curtains, and sticking wood wool plastic panels on the indoor walls , Apply white paint on the outside to reduce the cold consumption of the outside wall.
  3. Set temperature
  When refrigerating, do not set the temperature too low. If the room temperature is adjusted to 26-27 degrees, the cooling load can be reduced by more than 8%. When a person sleeps, the metabolic rate is reduced by 30-50%. The air conditioner can be set to the sleep switch position, and the temperature is set 2 degrees higher, which can save 20% of electricity; heating in winter, the temperature is set 2 degrees lower, and can also save electricity.
  4. The number of air conditioners adapts to the size of the room
   When purchasing, the air conditioner should be selected according to the size of the room, so that the power of the air conditioner should be suitable for the room. Each room is not completely sealed, and at the same time the house has to absorb heat from the outside. When the air conditioner is fully capable of cooling the room, it will not cause too much load on the air conditioner. If your room has sunny windows, and the windows do not have curtains or awnings, then you can slightly increase the gear when you buy, and the air conditioner can improve the efficiency of the air conditioner when the room is fully cooled.
   5. Use with fans and sunshades
   If an electric fan is used when using an air conditioner, the blowing power of the electric fan will accelerate the circulation of the cold air in the room, and the air-conditioning will be evenly distributed. There is no need to lower the set temperature, and a better air-conditioning effect can be achieved. It is comfortable and saves electricity. If shades such as curtains are used at the same time, reducing the influence of the room temperature caused by sunlight radiation can also save electricity for air conditioning.
   6. Use the sleep function
   When sleeping, people should use the sleep function of the air conditioner. Some air conditioners are defined as economic functions. During sleep, the human body emits less heat and is not sensitive to temperature changes. The sleep function is to set the air conditioner to automatically increase the indoor temperature after people fall asleep for a certain period of time, so using this function can achieve a 20% power saving effect.
  7. Clean the filter regularly
   The filter on the panel of the air conditioner should be checked every other time, and cleaned every half a month. If there is too much dust, it should be cleaned in warm water not exceeding 45 degrees. After cleaning, it can be blown dry and then pressed to make the air supply of the air conditioner smooth, reduce energy consumption and be beneficial to human health.
   8. Turn off the air conditioner ten minutes before going out
   The air conditioner should be turned off before going out. The air conditioner should be turned off ten minutes before leaving home. The room temperature is enough to make people feel cool within ten minutes. Get in the habit of turning off the air conditioner before going out to save energy.
  9. Install the outside machine to avoid sunlight
   The air conditioner should not be installed in a place directly exposed to the sun. The scorching sun in summer can easily heat the outside machine, which will affect the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner. If conditions do not permit, the outdoor unit can only be installed on the sunny side, and residents can install an awning on the top of the outdoor unit.
   10. Don’t wear raincoats for outside machines
Some people worry that the outdoor unit of the air conditioner will be damaged and rusted due to weather such as rain and snow, so they put rain-proof materials on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. In fact, the outdoor units of various brands of air conditioners generally have waterproof functions. Affect heat dissipation and increase power consumption.


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