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How long does the chiller need to be cleaned?


Generally, the normal operation of the chiller requires […]

Generally, the normal operation of the chiller requires all inspection and maintenance after running for a period of time. For many companies, due to the indifference of maintenance awareness at ordinary times, after using the chiller for a long time, the chiller has not been effectively maintained.
Even if the overall operating quality of the chiller is high, and no protection and maintenance are carried out within the regular time, the chiller may have different degrees of problems and failures. Especially for many industrial chillers, there will be large-scale scale problems after long-term operation. If the scale cannot be cleaned in time, the scale of scale will continue to expand through long-term accumulation, which will directly affect the cooling effect of the industrial chiller. Running the chiller under the premise that the heat dissipation function is affected will increase the energy consumption of the equipment operation on a large scale, which will seriously affect the stable operation of the chiller.
When running the chiller, in order to maintain the safe and stable operation of the chiller, after half a year of use, the chiller should be completely cleaned. The places that are particularly prone to dirt should be cleaned as a key point, and various professional cleaning solvents should be used to achieve a very good cleaning effect.
The frequency of use of chillers is relatively high, and the environment is relatively harsh. In order to reduce the probability of various failures of industrial chillers, the cleaning time can be shortened to once every three months. As long as there are doubts about the increase in energy consumption, etc., all cleaning and maintenance of the industrial chiller can be carried out. Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of the chiller.
The exact time to clean the chiller should be determined according to the environment in which the company uses it. If the company's operating environment is relatively clean, the cleaning time can be appropriately extended. Otherwise, the company needs to complete the cleaning in advance to improve the stability of the chiller's operation.


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