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How to judge whether the water-cooled chiller is scaled and how to clean it


The main reasons for the scale in the condenser of the […]

The main reasons for the scale in the condenser of the water-cooled chiller are: the calcium and magnesium ions in the cooling water crystallize and solidify on the inner wall of the copper pipe in the form of salt when heated; the metal oxidation product of the system pipeline; the bacteria and algae multiply Slime and so on.
We can open the end cap on one end of the condenser of the water-cooled chiller and check the color of the copper tube of the water-cooled chiller. The original color of the copper tube is no longer visible on the chiller. The scaling was once severe and needs to be rinsed in real time. . Air-cooled chiller condenser flushing is divided into physical flushing and chemical flushing. Physical flushing usually uses high-pressure water jets to clear out the dirt on the condenser copper tubes; if the scale is hard scale, it should be chemically flushed. Physical methods cannot Scale removal. In order to make the condenser work in an optimized configuration, the condenser must be treated with special chemicals to remove scale, rust, slime, sterilization and anticorrosion treatment, and restore it to a clean metal surface.
  The exact steps of flushing of ordinary condenser:
  1. Close the valve of the cooling water budget condenser, use the thermometer tube, pressure gauge tube or sewage pipe to connect the anti-corrosion pump, and make the liquid distribution tank of the Beijing chiller into a small circulation system, which is cycled and flushed.
  2. Participate in pickling corrosion inhibitor first. This agent is a special copper corrosion inhibitor, which is attached to the metal inner wall of the condenser to prevent acid and metal from reacting.
       3. Participate in solid pickling flushing agent, used to flush calcium carbonate scale as the main component of the scale. The flushing agent is a composite solid organic acid, white crystals, non-corrosive to metals, and is a weak acid; the amount of flushing agent is based on the amount of equipment scaling Depends.
  4. Participate in the dirt stripper (optional). If the condenser equipment is thicker, you need to add the dirt stripper to promote the product after the scale reaction to quickly dissolve in water and accelerate the deep scale reaction.
  5. Participate in the neutralization passivator. After the condenser is chemically rinsed, it will neutralize the residual acid to prevent the oxidation of the metal surface and generate secondary floating rust.

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