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  • Central air conditioner cleaning method

    Central air conditioning cleaning should include three parts, the first air conditioner body shell and exposed parts, which are easily contaminated parts; the second filter cleaning, which is the core and important part; the third condenser and evaporator part. The first step of the central air cond... read more

    Sep 26,2020 News
  • The correct power saving method for central air conditioning

    Central air conditioning dehumidification mode Air conditioner dehumidification aims to remove water vapor while appropriately reducing the indoor air temperature; at the same time, the air is relatively dry after dehumidification, and dry air can quickly evaporate human sweat and also make us feel ... read more

    Sep 18,2020 News
  • Causes of condensation at the air outlet of central air conditioning and its treatment

    First understand the cause of condensation, why does it occur? At a certain atmospheric pressure, the temperature at which water vapor in the air condenses into water (condensation) when the moisture content remains unchanged. When d does not change, the air temperature drops and changes from an uns... read more

    Sep 12,2020 News
  • The difference between central air conditioning and traditional on-hook

    Comfort comparison The orientation of the traditional air conditioner is definitely restricted. It can only be installed on the wall close to the outdoor unit. The orientation of the air outlet and the return air outlet is not easy to adjust. When cooling, the area where the air conditioner blows is... read more

    Sep 04,2020 News
  • The advantages of household central air conditioning

    1. High degree of comfort: each indoor unit of central air conditioner for household use has a supply air outlet and a return air outlet. The air circulation is more reasonable, the indoor temperature is more uniform, and the temperature state of ±1℃ can be maintained. The human body feels more natu... read more

    Aug 28,2020 News
  • Summer air conditioning cleaning and maintenance skills

    The evaporator and rollers inside the air conditioner are the dirtiest. The editor talks about how to properly clean the air conditioner as follows:    1. Turn off the power socket first. It is best to unplug the socket directly. This is very important to avoid accidents of electric shock and leakag... read more

    Aug 22,2020 News
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