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Is it feasible to install air conditioning in the kitchen?


This question asked how many "home chefs" aspirations. […]

This question asked how many "home chefs" aspirations. Due to the particularity of the kitchen function, the kitchens of most room types are located in the corners of the home. The advantage of this location is that it can reduce the influence of oil fume and food taste on the living room and bedroom, but this also makes most room types The kitchen has become a "cold winter and hot summer" place, especially in summer, cooking in a stuffy kitchen is very uncomfortable. With the development of home appliance technology and the improvement of everyone's quality of life, kitchen air conditioners have also been put on the agenda by more families.

As for the answer to this question, I think it is definitely feasible. Nowadays, most professional kitchens have been installed with air conditioners. With the rise of central air conditioners in homes and the continuous development of kitchen air conditioners, the technology for ordinary households to install air conditioners in kitchens has been relatively mature. Besides, the one who is busy in the kitchen must be your dearest person. Whether it hurts your wife (husband) depends on your performance on this issue...

Many people will be surprised, I have never heard of appliances such as kitchen air conditioners? At present, there are special kitchen air conditioners on the market, but because the concept of kitchen air conditioners has not yet been fully popularized, many people have not clearly realized the existence of special kitchen air conditioners. Consumers are not very conscious of buying. Not much energy is spent on publicity, which has led to an embarrassing existence in the domestic kitchen air conditioner.

In fact, different from ordinary air conditioners, kitchen air conditioners are specifically designed for the environment of the kitchen, which is convenient for users to enjoy fresh air during cooking.

As for the specific differences between the kitchen special air conditioner and the ordinary air conditioner, let's take the kitchen special central air conditioner as an example to see:

One is: its own professional hot glue fin avoids the problem of easy corrosion in the kitchen, and the base plate also adopts a new corrosion-resistant technology. The material and design of the heat exchanger and the shell are also better than ordinary materials in corrosion resistance. Much higher. Even in environments with high humidity, high acidity, and high salinity, it can maintain a high level of durability. In addition, this special kitchen air conditioner has a multi-layer metal filter, which can effectively filter oil fume, and can be repeatedly cleaned and used, so there is no need to worry about the problem of filter cleaning.

The second is: simple cleaning and small footprint. The ultra-thin and slender body makes full use of the space above the kitchen and avoids the defect of large space occupied by ordinary air conditioners. Even small kitchens do not have to worry at all. Under the premise of relatively low noise, the cooling effect is quite impressive.

Of course, not every household is suitable for central air-conditioning. For families with lower kitchen utilization, it does not seem to be cost-effective to install professional kitchen air-conditioners. But if you install ordinary air conditioners, many people have doubts about the feasibility of installing air conditioners in the kitchen. The following questions are the key to most people's concerns:

The first is the oil fume problem that everyone is generally concerned about. When the range hood and the air conditioner work together, the return air of the air conditioner interacts with the exhaust air of the range hood. High-temperature oil fume is affected by the airflow and is often difficult to control. It not only affects the normal operation of the range hood, but also over time, excessive oil fume will Blocking the air inlet and outlet of the air conditioner will reduce the performance of the air conditioner and shorten the service life.

The second is the increased energy consumption of air conditioning in the kitchen. Since the kitchen generates more heat than normal during cooking, the load of the air conditioner is correspondingly increased, which naturally requires higher operating power.

The third is the area and price issues. Small-sized kitchens may occupy only a few square meters, and they also need to take up space such as refrigerators, cabinets, and stoves. The actual available space itself is very limited. If you install air conditioning in the kitchen, whether it is wall-mounted or cabinet-type, Will make the kitchen seem quite cramped; and in the case of low utilization, the price of air conditioners is also difficult to ignore.

Finally, there is the issue of air conditioning cleaning in the kitchen. As the kitchen is a heavy source of oily fume, the air conditioner filter will inevitably become greasy over time. Under normal circumstances, it may be enough to clean the filter once every three months, but the kitchen air conditioner filter should never be washed once a month. This is undoubtedly an increase The amount of housework.

These concerns allow us to draw a conclusion: the performance and design of kitchen air conditioners are very suitable for kitchens, and users can safely install them; but if ordinary air conditioners are installed in the kitchen, their use cost, safety, cleaning, etc. There are many problems, and you need to consider carefully if you want to install it directly in the kitchen.

In addition, the installation of kitchen air conditioners is also very particular. Here I will give some suggestions. Please pay attention to the installation.

One is: the location of the air outlet of the air conditioner must be selected when installing. Keep a certain distance between the air outlet of the air conditioner and the stove to prevent the air flow of the air conditioner from disturbing the flow of oil fume, otherwise it will easily affect the function of the range hood, and also easily cause the oil fume to condense in the kitchen or be inhaled by the air conditioner.

The second is: For air conditioners that take in air from outside the kitchen, negative pressure must be maintained in the kitchen when the air conditioner is working. This can be achieved by ensuring that the air volume of the range hood is greater than the air supply volume of the air conditioner, and this requirement is generally met by the current range hood, but also pay attention to check whether the negative pressure is too small or there is no negative pressure. The main purpose is to prevent the kitchen fumes from flowing into other rooms.

The third is: frequent cleaning and maintenance, and clean the air conditioner in strict accordance with the instructions. This is essential to ensure the function of air conditioning.

If you don’t have the conditions to install a special kitchen air conditioner at home, and you don’t want to be bored in the heat in the kitchen to cook, you can actually use a fan or open a little kitchen door to let in the indoor cool air (the range hood produces a strong negative effect when working). At this time, the airflow in the room will flow into the kitchen) to achieve the effect of cooling.

In addition: If you are pursuing the ultimate life experience, I have a good solution for your reference: it is a built-in kitchen air conditioner, specially designed for the cooking habits of Chinese families, the product has corrosion resistance and anti-corrosion heat exchange ability, using professional treatment Heat exchange fins, not afraid of high humidity, high acid kitchen environment, durable. In addition, the multi-layer metal filter is resistant to oil and smoke, and the high-efficiency filter can be washed with water and is easy to clean; the stainless steel ultra-thin metal body, mounted on the top, does not occupy kitchen space, solves the pain points of users in the sultry cooking in the kitchen, and provides a healthy and comfortable air experience .


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