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Operation of the cooling tower of the chiller


We understand that the cooling water tower is an import […]

We understand that the cooling water tower is an important part of the centralized air-conditioning system. The open-type counter-flow cooling water tower is widely used in the air-conditioning system of large public buildings, but there is a problem of low efficiency in the actual operation process. The following editor analyzes the actual operation of the cooling tower of the chiller.
A semi-empirical theoretical model is established for the system composed of the chiller and the cooling water tower, the simulation calculation is carried out, and the transformation test is carried out in the actual building. The control method for the cooling tower fan combined with frequency conversion adjustment and high and low wind speed adjustment is obtained by summarizing and analyzing.
From the outdoor wet bulb temperature to the condensation temperature of the cooler, these three temperature differences represent the operating characteristics of the three types of cold source equipment. Regarding the open cooling tower, the limit of the heat and mass transfer between the cooling water and the air is that the temperature of the outlet water reaches the outdoor wet bulb temperature, that is, the smaller the T3, the better the heat transfer characteristics of the cooling tower. Whether there are elements in the operation of the tower that reduce efficiency.
At this stage, the operation strategies of most large-scale public cold sources are basically "one machine, one pump, one tower" and "large machine, large pump and large tower". This operation mode widely exists in the phenomenon that the cooling water tower obeys the efficiency in winter and transitional seasons. It shows that in the actual operation process, the advantages of the cooling water tower were not exerted during this period, resulting in unnecessary effort.
The power consumption of the air-cooled chiller accounts for 30% 50% of the energy consumption of the entire building's air conditioning system. Therefore, from the perspective of the chiller, consider how to use the cooling tower to effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency, so as to achieve low investment and high return, and the efficiency of the cold source system improved efficiency.


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