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Reasons for low working efficiency of scroll chillers


In the use of the scroll chiller, many friends will enc […]

In the use of the scroll chiller, many friends will encounter the decline of the working efficiency of the chiller. What factors usually cause this phenomenon? The following briefly summarizes some of the reasons.
Reason 1: Human error
Although most of the refrigeration equipment in chiller plants does not have too cumbersome processes in use, it is often that some basic contents are easily overlooked in long-term use. Or because the user is a first-time operator who has no experience in the use of industrial chiller equipment, so the refrigeration equipment operator needs to carry out professional skills training before operating the machine, and should be approved only after passing the test. On-board operation.
Reason 2: Improper maintenance
Fouling of important equipment components means that improper maintenance can easily lead to low equipment operation efficiency. For example, when the condenser of the refrigeration unit is seriously fouled, it will affect the heat exchange effect, resulting in low operating efficiency of the equipment as a whole. Here, in addition to the condenser, which is easily scaled, the transmission mechanism and other components are severely worn, which also easily leads to insufficient operation efficiency of the equipment.
Reason 3: The equipment has a high load during operation
Because the scroll chiller will overload the equipment during production, and the load operation rate of the refrigeration equipment is generally 80%, the efficiency that can be obtained will be high, but the actual production process is often difficult. Reaching this point naturally makes the product inefficient.
Reason 4: The ambient temperature changes too much
The operating factors that refrigeration equipment should pay attention to at different temperatures will also be different, such as cooling water temperature. Generally speaking, in the chiller plant, there will be an air-conditioning exhaust system to cool the environment, so that the refrigeration equipment is in a constant temperature environment. However, if there is a problem with the equipment that controls the ambient temperature, it will eventually lead to problems with the operating efficiency of the equipment.

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