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Refrigeration technology of split chiller


  Most industries use water chillers as cooling media f […]

  Most industries use water chillers as cooling media for cooling, but some simple techniques that rely on air or water include cooling coil activity that regulates the temperature. Water is a commonly used coolant in the freezing process, although cooling contaminants (mainly with coolant additives to enhance heat dissipation water) are often accepted.
   water chiller is a complete packaged closed-loop system, including cold and hot water units, condensers and circulating pumps, expansion valves, no-flow shutoff, internal cold water tanks, and temperature control stations. The interior helps to maintain the cold water temperature and prevent the occurrence of temperature peaks. The closed-loop industrial chiller recirculates at constant temperature and pressure, adding fluctuating and repetitive water cooling equipment and instrument cleaners and condition additives or clean water. The cooling of the water flow is applied to the angle of use and the back.
   If there is a high temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water, then a large external water tank will be used to store cold water. In this situation, the cooling water will not be indirectly from the use of the cooler, and deepen to the outside of the water tank as a "temperature buffer sorting action. The cold water tank is much larger than the internal water tank. The cold water is used from the external fuel tank. And the return hot water can be traced back to the external fuel tank from the use of the program, not to the unit.
   It’s rare to see the open-loop control of the industrial refrigerator in an open tank or oil pan which continuously circulates the temperature of the liquid. The liquid comes from the tank, passes through the pump unit, and returns to the tank. An adjustable thermostatic sensory makeup liquid temperature, a circulating cooler to maintain a constant temperature in the tank.
  One of the new developments in industrial chillers is air cooling, not the use of cooling water. In this situation, the condenser has no cooling and hot air refrigerant, but uses a cooling tower by cooling water. This development allows more than 15%, and allows for the reduction of power requirements in the cooler due to the small area of ​​surface water, and the split-type chiller condenser and fan. In addition, the noise level is greatly reduced under allowable conditions.


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