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Steps to clean the chiller


1. Remove the parts. To clean the chiller, it must be d […]

1. Remove the parts.
To clean the chiller, it must be disassembled first, because the parts you want to clean are not easy to see inside. The various components of the industrial chiller intersect with each other, and the lines are complicated and difficult to disassemble. It is necessary to understand the overall chiller structure.
2. Clean the connection between the equipment and the condenser.
After the disassembly in the previous step, find the water inlet direction of the condenser and connect it to the water inlet or outlet of the water pump, and then use tools to heat the pipe.
3. Dosing and cleaning.
Make sure that each step is done well and the pipes are connected, first add clean water to clean for about 20 times, then discharge the sewage and repeat it 3 times. After the cleaning is completed, it is an important dosing cleaning. Of course, his pH value must be guaranteed to be between 4-5 and maintained for 2-3 hours. Then drain the liquid medicine, and then flush the residual medicine to keep the pH at 6.5.
4. Install it back to its original state.
After cleaning, the installation is complete.


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