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Technical knowledge of screw chiller


The first page of the website needs to be revised to di […]

The first page of the website needs to be revised to display pictures of chillers, screw chillers, chemical chillers, learn the technology of American Carrier, conduct research on American Carrier chillers, learn Carrier's advanced technology, analyze each step of the refrigeration system, condensate Why has the straight pipe type been used instead of the domestic curved pipe type? After analysis, the straight pipe type has no strain on the copper pipe. When the chiller is shut down for a long time, the mixture of water and air will corrode the condenser, and the copper pipe will not be damaged. , Corrosiveness is very small, and the domestic use of elbow type, copper pipe wall thickness is relatively thin, reduce costs, in order to pursue the maximization of corporate profits
Many screw chiller manufacturers use cutting corners to reduce the service life of the heat exchanger. According to Carrier's design principle, the design life of the condenser is 10 years, while the domestic design life is between 3-5 years. For the country's vigorous development of national industry, China's industry 2025, bear serious consequences, enterprises do not have a long-term vision, only see the interests of the time, the company's profits are now large, and the company has been seriously blamed; customers have bought Once a product is used for 3-5 years, the failure rate is very high. In severe cases, it will lead to production stoppage and cause serious losses to customers.

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