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The correct power saving method for central air conditioning


Central air conditioning dehumidification mode Air cond […]

Central air conditioning dehumidification mode
Air conditioner dehumidification aims to remove water vapor while appropriately reducing the indoor air temperature; at the same time, the air is relatively dry after dehumidification, and dry air can quickly evaporate human sweat and also make us feel cool.
In the dehumidification mode of the central air conditioner, the compressor is turned on intermittently. Compared with the general refrigeration mode, the compressor has a shorter working time. Therefore, the dehumidification mode is relatively more energy-efficient and cost-effective than the cooling mode. However, in the dehumidification mode, the control circuit will first check the room temperature, and then set the target value of the operating temperature. The factory-designed set value is generally that the target value reached during operation is 2 degrees lower than the room temperature. When the outside temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the dehumidification mode cannot adjust the temperature well, and it is difficult to really cool.
The use of the dehumidification function should also take into account regional factors. The dehumidification mode is more suitable for the southern part of the rainy season where there is more water vapor. The air in the north is relatively dry, and the humidity is inherently low. If the dehumidification function is used to save electricity, the air will be even drier, which will have an adverse effect on the human respiratory tract, and the gain will not be worth the loss.
The correct power saving method for central air conditioning
Set the appropriate temperature
The energy consumption of central air conditioning will change with the rise and fall of the temperature. Blindly setting a temperature that is too low or too high will often increase the energy consumption of the central air conditioning. When cooling, the best temperature is set to 26 degrees, when heating, the best temperature is set to about 20 degrees.
Use sleep mode reasonably
During sleep, the human body emits less heat and is insensitive to temperature changes. Sleep mode can be used at night, the air conditioner will automatically adjust the indoor temperature, using the sleep function can achieve a 20% power saving effect.
Don't switch the air conditioner frequently
You don't need to turn off the air conditioner during normal operation or when you go out for a short time. Many people save electricity and turn off the air conditioner when they go out and restart them when they go home. Frequent switching on and off of the air conditioner will consume more power, and will also have a certain loss on the compressor, which will affect the life of the air conditioner.
Clean the air conditioner regularly
The central air conditioner should be regularly checked and cleaned by a professional team. Frequent cleaning of the central air conditioner not only provides smooth air supply, but also reduces energy consumption and is also beneficial to human health.
For good health, these small details cannot be ignored when using central air conditioning.
Turn on the air conditioner less when laying the summer mat
In the hot summer, many people are used to sleeping on a mat. People suffering from spondylosis, frozen shoulder, and arthritis sleep on a mat when the indoor temperature is low, which may lead to recurrence of the old illness; people with gastrointestinal discomfort and fear of cold may also easily cause abdominal pain. ,diarrhea. Therefore, it is best to avoid turning on the air conditioner when sleeping on a mat.
Clean the air conditioner regularly in summer
If the air conditioner is not cleaned for many years, it will accumulate a variety of harmful bacteria and mites. Once inhaled, it will cause different levels of respiratory infections. It is recommended to wash it every one to two months in summer. In addition to cleaning the air conditioner panel and filter, professional air conditioner disinfectant should be used for thorough cleaning and disinfection.
Open windows for ventilation
Turning on the air conditioner will cause the indoor air to become dry, and the air will not circulate, which may cause stuffy nose, dry throat, and sneezing. Staying in a closed air-conditioned room for a long time will have poor air circulation. Dry air can easily make your nose and throat dry. Pay attention to opening the window for ventilation or using a fresh air system to improve indoor air quality. It is recommended to open the window once an hour, about 15 minutes each time. People who are often in an air-conditioned environment should drink plenty of water and pay attention to moisturizing.


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