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The difference between central air conditioning and traditional on-hook


Comfort comparison The orientation of the traditional a […]

Comfort comparison
The orientation of the traditional air conditioner is definitely restricted. It can only be installed on the wall close to the outdoor unit. The orientation of the air outlet and the return air outlet is not easy to adjust. When cooling, the area where the air conditioner blows is often colder, not straight. The blowing area is slightly warmer, this is the most intuitive feeling!
The central air conditioner is blunt, just like the air duct machine, the indoor unit is not installed outside the wall, but buried in the ceiling. The first thing is to prevent the air conditioner from blowing directly on the human body to a certain extent (Mom no longer worry about me Standing under the air-conditioning vent and blowing), the central air-conditioning can be installed in a suitable position to adjust the outlet and return air, so that the room is in the return air area of ​​the air-conditioning, and the temperature in the room is more uniform, which enhances comfort Sex.

cost issue
Regarding the room type with three bedrooms and one living room or three bedrooms and two living rooms, the total cost of installing a central air conditioner is not much higher than installing on-hook or cabinet. The increasingly cost-effective price has also made household central air conditioners more popular. Therefore, on the whole, the larger the room area and the more application areas, the more affordable the central air conditioner will be.
(Take a room with three bedrooms and two halls of more than 100 square meters. If you want to move the ideal temperature in each area, you usually need a 3-hp cabinet machine in the living room, a 1.5-hp hang-up in the dining room, and a master bedroom. A 1.5-hp hang-up unit, and two small bedrooms are equipped with a small and one-hp hang-up unit. There are 5 air conditioners in total, and the investment cost is roughly 20,000 to 25,000 yuan. In comparison, the initial investment of central air conditioning is more Some. But with the widespread use of central air-conditioning, the cost-effectiveness of household central air-conditioning is still quite high. If there are white old children in the home and the requirements for living comfort are relatively high, it is still necessary to install central air-conditioning)

Energy consumption problem
Generally, wall-mounted cabinet air conditioners choose an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit. Each air conditioner is controlled independently, and its energy consumption is not affected by other air conditioners.
Household central air conditioners are becoming more and more miniaturized. The machine structure can be divided into a one-to-one structure and a multi-line structure. The power consumption method of the one-to-one structure of the central air conditioner is power consumption and the wall-mounted cabinet air conditioner in the same state The same, whether it is opened alone or fully opened, the power consumption is the same as that of a traditional air conditioner. When all the indoor units are fully opened, it saves more power than traditional air conditioners. Therefore, you can choose an energy-saving central air-conditioning plan according to your own usage habits when purchasing.

beautiful comparison
Generally, wall-mounted air conditioners are installed on the wall, which will affect the beauty and space. The cabinet type air conditioner will take up area, and for small apartment, it is quite a waste of space. Household central air conditioners are hidden in part of the ceiling space before decoration, which is very beautiful and does not take up space.



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