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The difference between fixed frequency air conditioner and inverter air conditioner


Advantages of inverter air conditioner Energy saving: B […]

Advantages of inverter air conditioner
Energy saving: Because the inverter air conditioner is equipped with a frequency converter, it can adjust the air conditioner's heart-the operating speed of the compressor at any time, so as to achieve reasonable use of energy; because its compressor is not frequently turned on, the compressor will maintain a stable working state. This can enable the air conditioner to achieve an energy saving effect of more than 30%. At the same time, this has a significant effect on reducing noise and prolonging the service life of the air conditioner.
High precision of temperature control: It can control the cooling (heat) amount of the air conditioner by changing the speed of the compressor. The cooling (heat) capacity has a variation range, such as the cooling capacity of 36GW frequency conversion is 360-400W, and the heating capacity is 300-6800W, so the indoor temperature control can be accurate to ±1°C, which makes the human body feel very comfortable. Fast temperature adjustment speed: When the room temperature and the set temperature are quite different, the inverter air conditioner will work at the maximum power as soon as it is turned on, so that the room temperature will rise or fall to the set temperature quickly, and the cooling (heating) effect is obvious.
Keep the room temperature constant: The inverter air conditioner uses an inverter compressor, which can automatically adjust the operating frequency of the compressor according to the change of the room's cold (heat) load. After reaching the set temperature, the inverter air conditioner runs at a lower frequency, avoiding the discomfort caused by drastic changes in room temperature. When the load is small, the operating frequency is low, and the power consumed by the compressor at this time is small, and at the same time, it avoids frequent start and stop, thereby saving more power.
Disadvantages of inverter air conditioner
The price is more expensive. Compared with ordinary air conditioners, the price is about 1/3 to 1/4 higher. At the same time, because the control system and frequency conversion system of inverter air conditioners are more complicated, the requirements for components are higher. The failure rate of the air conditioner is relatively high, and because of the frequency conversion technology, harmonic pollution will be generated at the same time as the frequency conversion.
Advantages of fixed frequency air conditioner
Mature technology: The market is relatively early, the technology is relatively mature, the products are rich, the variety is wide, and the options are more. Although the fixed frequency air conditioner is not technologically advanced than the inverter air conditioner, it has developed to a relatively mature stage. Regardless of the installation, the national warranty and the quality of the air-conditioning compressor, users do not have to worry too much. High performance-price ratio: The fixed-frequency air conditioner is relatively moderately sold in the store. Coupled with the influence of national energy-saving subsidies, the price of energy-saving air-conditioning products is more affordable and the products are cost-effective.
Disadvantages of fixed frequency air conditioner
1. With people's demand for the surrounding air temperature, it is easy to cause frequent start and stop of the fixed-frequency air-conditioning compressor, resulting in large fluctuations in indoor temperature.
2. Since the power supply frequency cannot be changed, the compressor speed of the traditional fixed-frequency air conditioner is basically the same. It depends on constantly "on and off" the compressor to adjust the indoor temperature. And consume more power.
3. It takes a long time to turn on to the suitable temperature. The fixed-frequency air conditioner will take a long time to reach the set temperature from turning on, which is not conducive to people's enjoyment.


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