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The main features of the small split chiller


1. The split chiller adopts a split structure. The nois […]

1. The split chiller adopts a split structure. The noisy compressor and the axial fan and the indoor chilled water circulation part are placed in two boxes, and the noisy compressor and the axial fan are installed outdoors In the case, the indoor unit is lined with silencing material, so the noise is significantly lower than that of the integrated chiller.
2. The split chiller is easy to control, and the refrigeration system is controlled by a microcomputer. The temperature of the outlet water can be adjusted and controlled in the implementation room, and the operation is simple and convenient.
3. the noise is very small, can be lower than 34dB, the outdoor unit noise is 60dB-70dB.
4. The protection device of the chiller is complete, adopting phase lack protection, reverse protection, compressor overload protection, fan overload protection, water pump overload protection, system high and low pressure protection, power leakage protection, water shortage prompt, compressor anti-frequency and still start protection, etc. Device.

5. High-efficiency heat exchange. The use of high-efficiency plate heat exchangers reduces the size of the machine body, improves the heat exchange compliance of the unit, and improves the COP value.
6. ​​Different from ordinary chillers, such as industrial chillers, screw chillers, low-temperature chillers, etc., it is easy to repair and maintain. There are multiple detachable panels for indoor and outdoor machines for easy maintenance.
Small split chillers are mainly used in heating equipment such as atom absorption, lasers, vacuum coating machines, ion etching machines, ultra-low temperature instruments, oxygen and nitrogen analyzers, hydraulic sources, and oil sources.


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