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The problems encountered in the operation of the chiller and how to deal with them


        The reason why the chiller cannot refrigerate. […]

        The reason why the chiller cannot refrigerate.
  1. The filter is clogged. When the filter is clogged, the dust on the condenser will accumulate, which will affect the cooling effect of the refrigeration equipment over time. If things go on like this, it may even cause refrigeration equipment to fail to cool.
   Solution: Clean the filter regularly or irregularly.
  2. The content of coolant is low. If the content of coolant is too small, the equipment will not be able to absorb oil and the cooling effect will be reduced.
   Solution: Check the coolant frequently to see if the coolant level is maintained between high and low, and add coolant in time when the coolant is too low.
  3. Lack of Freon. In some early refrigeration equipment using Freon as a refrigerant, Freon will volatilize after a long time of use, which will affect the refrigeration effect.
  Solution: Ober air conditioner reminds you that freon may be harmful to the human body, so in this case, you should find a professional maintenance company to add it.
  4. The power supply voltage is low or the power of the refrigeration equipment is not enough.
  How to judge the lack of fluoride in the chiller?
Mainly manifested as low fluorine pressure, decrease in cooling capacity, increase in return air temperature, increase in exhaust temperature, or naturally see the evaporation pressure, if it fails to cool down, and the evaporation pressure is very low, it is naturally wrong if it is lower than 2-3Pa , It is necessary to doubt whether it is missing, but it may also be caused by other reasons. Also, after stopping for a long time and starting the machine, the evaporation pressure quickly drops from the temperature corresponding pressure to 2-3Pa, which is also wrong.
   What type of refrigerant is usually added to industrial chillers?
(Chlorodifuoromethane), molecular formula CHClF2, molecular weight 86.47.R-22 is a colorless, almost odorless gas at room temperature, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and minimally toxic. It can be liquefied into a colorless and transparent liquid under pressure. It is an HCFC-type refrigeration Agent.
Main use: Freon-22, molecular formula: CHClF2, molecular weight: 86.47. R-22 is widely used in household air conditioners, central air conditioners and other commercial refrigeration equipment; it can also be used as a raw material for polytetrafluoroethylene resin and an intermediate for fire extinguishing agent 1121 .
   What should I do if frost occurs during the operation of the chiller? How to solve?
    1. Check whether the amount of refrigerant is within the standard range. Regardless of whether it is charged too much or too little, it will affect the normal operation of the chiller.
   2. Are multiple chillers used in parallel? If the number of units to be turned on is large, check whether it is caused by the excessively long start-up time of the frosting unit (the combined unit has a control panel that can set the start and stop time of each chiller as required).
   3. If it is a chiller, please check whether the opening of the expansion valve is too large. The small point can be fine-tuned (if it is an electronic expansion valve adjustable circuit control panel).
        4. If the opening of the expansion valve is too small or clogged, the refrigerant supply will be reduced, which will make the evaporation temperature low, causing frost on the evaporator fins; if the refrigerant does not evaporate and flow back Continued evaporation in the air pipe and compressor will cause frost on the compressor and return pipe.
  5. Check whether the filter is too dirty, or the evaporator fins are too dirty, which makes the heat exchange effect poor, and the refrigerant evaporates and flows back to the air return pipe and the compressor to continue to evaporate and cause frosting.
  6. If the operating environment of the chiller is not good, or the air is not circulated, it will also cause poor heat dissipation and affect the frosting of the unit. If the chiller has a frost failure, the company must promptly use professional methods to complete the troubleshooting to ensure the safe and stable operation of the chiller, and regularly check whether the various parts of the chiller are worn or damaged, and should be replaced in time. In addition, when companies purchase water chillers, they should match the water chillers reasonably according to production needs, so that they can better use the chillers and reduce the cost of use of the company.


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