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What are the advantages and precautions for installing home central air conditioning


Central air-conditioning refers to an air-conditioning […]

Central air-conditioning refers to an air-conditioning unit composed of an outdoor host and multiple end devices. They are connected together through air ducts and refrigerant pipes to regulate the temperature of each room in the room. Central air conditioners are generally used in some large public places or office buildings, but with the continuous development of the home improvement industry in recent years, many families have begun to install home central air conditioners at home. Many owners still have some questions about the installation of home central air conditioning. Today, Anhui Shengrong editor will take you to know about home central air conditioning!

1. What are the advantages of home central air conditioning?
Compared with common ordinary split air conditioners, home central air conditioners have many advantages.
1. The home central air conditioner has very good comfort. Compared with the single air supply method of ordinary split air conditioners, its air supply method is very diverse and the wind speed is moderate, but the air supply is large and the number of external machines is small. There is not much noise, so the comfort of home central air conditioning is very high, which can effectively reduce the probability of suffering from "air conditioning disease".
2. The home central air conditioner automatically adjusts the refrigerant flow according to the solenoid valve to control the cooling capacity, which is very effective in saving energy. At the same time, the power consumption is also lower than when using a split air conditioner at the same time. If you install an ordinary Split-type air conditioners consume a lot of power when used.
3. The failure rate of household central air conditioners is very low, and maintenance and cleaning are more convenient. In general, its service life can reach 20 to 50 years, which is more than twice that of ordinary split air conditioners.
4. The host and indoor unit of the home central air conditioner adopt a separate installation form. During decoration, the host and indoor unit can be unified with the overall home environment through design and decoration, and will not destroy the overall beauty of the home.

2. At which stage of the decoration is the central air conditioner most suitable for installation?
It is most appropriate to install the central air conditioner and the hydropower construction at the same time. After the hydropower enters the site, the central air conditioner can enter the site. During the installation during the hydropower construction, the cooperation of the workers is very convenient, and the entire installation process will be more labor-saving.

3. What effect will the installation of the top corner line and the light strip have on the wind output effect of the central air conditioner?
If you want to install a central air conditioner in your home, you should pay attention when making the ceiling. Do not decorate more complicated top corner lines or light strips at the location of the air outlet of the indoor unit. Although these decorations will improve the overall home decoration effect, they may also block part of the air outlet, affect the air outlet effect, and even generate noise.

4. What are the requirements for the location of the outdoor unit and the water outlet when installing the central air conditioner?
The outdoor unit should be placed in a location with good outdoor ventilation to prevent the weather from affecting the heating effect due to the need for defrosting, or from normal operation due to shutdown and heat dissipation when the weather is hot.
The water outlet pipe of the central air conditioner is preferably connected directly to the outdoor. If it is connected to the floor drain at random, it will be easy to produce the phenomenon of blockage and backflushing of the floor drain after a long time, and there will be odor return. If it is really impossible to connect the outlet pipe to the outside, the floor drain should also be replaced with a professional floor drain matched with the central air conditioner.


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