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What are the applications of chillers in injection molding


1. The use of chillers in plastic molds. The plastic pe […]

1. The use of chillers in plastic molds.
The plastic pellets are heated and melted and injected into the mold. After coagulation, the mold is opened and the plastic workpiece is ejected. In the continuous production process, it is necessary to cool the mold to shorten the plastic coagulation time, improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, the molding quality, and the surface quality. .
Frozen water temperature requirements: 6-18 ℃.
Frozen water temperature difference requirement: ±2K or ±0.5K.
The cooling capacity of the chiller is related to the injection volume of the injection molding machine. The larger the injection volume, the larger the cooling required.
2. The use of chillers in injection molding machines.
The injection molding machine is generally rated as "tons" of clamping force, which requires converting "tons" into "ounces", but "tons" and "ounces" are not one-to-one correspondence, the following comparison table is only It is the conversion relationship under the general situation, and there is an upper and lower deviation.
(1) Extrusion.
Extruded pipes, trunking, cables and various plastic profiles.
The heated and melted raw materials are formed by a mold and then cooled in a frozen water bath. The water temperature in the frozen water bath must be kept constant.
Due to the high production rate, large cooling capacity units are required for noodles.
Since the existing pool is large enough, the unit may not be equipped with a water tank.
(2) Bottle blowing.
Mainly produces all kinds of mineral water bottles, soda bottles.
Compressed air drying - clean and dry compressed air is required for blowing, and the water in the compressed air can be removed by using the frozen water provided by the industrial chiller as the cold source.
Mold cooling - The performance of electroplating cold water precisely controls mold temperature and improves product quality.
Compressed air drying and mold cooling can use a unified chiller as a cold source.
(3) Thermoforming.
It is very important to maintain a constant temperature when the plastic is extruded by a mold heated at a constant frequency. The temperature difference range of the chilled water is very high, so a proportional chilled water valve is needed to adjust the temperature automatically and accurately.


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