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What are the particularities in the selection of industrial chillers


Since many customers do not know the equipment selectio […]

Since many customers do not know the equipment selection in the refrigeration industry very well, Beijing chillers have difficulties in describing the equipment required for certificate cooling. When customers purchase industrial chillers, they do not know which type of cold water performance to choose for their own enterprise equipment. Achieving good cooling results and small capital investment to achieve strengths and results have a double harvest. Here are some simple selection descriptions:
There are many examples of industrial chiller components such as: chemical chiller | explosion-proof chiller | explosion-proof low-temperature chiller | Shenzhen chiller | Shenzhen industrial chiller | echo kettle chiller | fine chiller | energy-saving fine chiller | stamping chiller | Fine stamping chiller|Energy-saving screw low-temperature chiller|Ultra-low temperature chiller|Large parallel screw unit|Energy-saving explosion-proof chiller|Energy-saving open chiller|Screw low-temperature chiller|Energy-saving water-cooled box-type chiller|Energy-saving air-cooled box-type chiller Wait for many examples. Here are a few commonly used units:
1. Energy-saving water-cooled chillers can be divided into open type, sealed type (some called box type) and screw type. Energy-saving water-cooled chillers must be equipped with cooling towers, water pumps and supporting pipelines. Some customers are on high floors or require cooling workshops with too high ceilings, which are not suitable for energy-saving water-cooled chillers.
2. The energy-saving air-cooled chiller contains a heat preservation water tank and a water pump in the fuselage, and there is no need to add a cooling tower to dissipate heat. The Beijing chiller is very convenient to install and move, but the energy-saving air-cooled water chiller requires high working conditions; It is cooled by hot air circulation. Therefore, if the ventilation result of the installation workshop is not good, it will indirectly affect the cooling result of the chiller; otherwise, if you want to put the chiller in a dust-free workshop with humidity requirements If so, West Valley advises you to modify the water-cooled one, because the air-cooled chiller will spray water vapor on the top of the machine to dissipate heat.
3. The energy-saving open-type chiller needs to be equipped with a water tank, which has a built-in water tank in the body. The open type will usually be installed somewhere outside the workshop, which is convenient for inspection, but when it is above 80HP, it is recommended that you use a screw chiller.
4. Energy-saving and explosion-proof chillers. This example unit is generally used in flammable and explosive workshops, such as grinding workshops, chemical workshops, etc.

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