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Air-cooled water chiller/ modular air-cooled scroll chiller

Air-cooled water chiller/ modular air-cooled scroll chiller

The air-cooled cold/hot water unit is a central air-conditioning unit that uses air as the cold/heat source and water as the carrier. As an integrated equipment for both cold and heat, the air-cooled heat pump eliminates the need for cooling towers on the cooling side compared to water-cooled units. Water pumps, boilers and corresponding piping systems and other accessories have simple system structure, save installation space, convenient maintenance and management, high efficiency and energy saving, especially suitable for areas lacking water sources. Often used in shopping malls, hospitals, apartments, factories, office buildings and other occasions.

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Air-cooled water chiller/ modular air-cooled scroll chiller Details

◆Functional one machine with multiple functions, can be used for refrigeration, heating, domestic hot water, refrigeration+domestic hot water, heating+domestic hot water; unique supercooling circuit, completely solve the winter defrosting problem of air-cooled heat pump and improve heating efficiency; Stable operation and heating at ultra-low temperature of -25°C, and the maximum outlet water temperature can reach 65°C;

◆ Superiority

The unit has a variety of environmentally friendly refrigerants to choose from. According to the different needs of customers, different refrigerants can be selected; the original water-cooled and air-cooled water-air dual-use cold/hot water unit is well compatible with the high energy efficiency ratio of water-cooled units And the heat pump function of the air-cooled unit, so that the unit can achieve the power saving of the water-cooled chiller when it is cooling, and it can also play the role of easy installation of the air-cooled unit when heating.


Indoor abandoning Freon system, using chilled water to carry cooling, with small air supply temperature difference, large air volume, can make the room temperature distribution uniform, the relative humidity is controlled at 40%-70%, make you healthier; cold and warm in one, create Warm in winter and cool in summer, enjoy warmth and comfort in all seasons.


The opening, stopping, temperature setting, and temperature control of the indoor fan coil in any room are all you need to do at will; the automatic control of the host computer's microcomputer enables the unit to be switched on, off, cooling, and heating freely, without the need for professional management personnel.


The unit has complete protection functions, a fault self-checking system, and automatically balances the wear of the compressor; when the unit is heating, it can automatically determine the frosting status of the fins according to the actual operating conditions, defrost in time, and the speed is fast. The temperature fluctuation is small, and there will be no phenomenon of indoor fan coil blowing cold air into the room during the defrosting process; the unit is equipped with multiple protection functions such as high and low pressure, water cut, antifreeze, overheating, lack of phase, undervoltage, overload, etc., and it is safe to operate Reliable and longer service life.


The unit adopts a thin design, the standard configuration of the product is a sheet metal frame panel structure, and the brand galvanized sheet is electrostatically painted. It is placed outdoors with strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities, and there is no need to build a special machine room. The unit replaces the traditional split air-conditioning unit that hangs on the exterior wall and has holes in the wall; only one host is needed, and the interior is decorated with fan coils, which is more harmonious and elegant.


The entire air-conditioning system of the unit adopts the way that the host and the terminal are completely separated, ensuring a quiet living and working environment. There is only a very small sound of the blower indoors, which can completely isolate the running sound of the outdoor host.


Modular free combination, the outdoor refrigeration host can be freely combined between modules according to user requirements and the size of the air-conditioning area. There are two types of inlet and outlet pipes for air-cooled modular units, left and right or rear for customers to choose.

◆Remote control

The operation screen on the main module can be moved to the control room to realize remote control. The maximum distance is up to 1000 meters. It can also be equipped with RS-485 and RS-232 physical interfaces. Smart devices with multiple communication protocols open for network communication.


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