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Constant temperature and humidity (clean) air conditioning unit

Constant temperature and humidity (clean) air conditioning unit

HICON unit constant temperature and humidity air conditioning units include two series: air-cooled and water-cooled. The company has introduced advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes to design and develop a high-quality air-conditioning product. In order to ensure the high quality, high precision, high purity and high yield of the products, the temperature and humidity of the ambient air need to be strictly controlled, and there are certain requirements for environmental cleanliness. The HTH series constant temperature and humidity air conditioner is a high-quality product, which fully considers the customer's requirements for temperature, humidity, and cleanliness. Compared with modular air conditioners, it has the advantages of small installation space, convenient installation, diverse forms, high cleanliness, and low initial investment. It has been widely used in laboratories, control rooms, archives, measurement rooms, food workshops, textile workshops, medical workshops, precision processing workshops and other places.

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Constant temperature and humidity (clean) air conditioning unit Details

◆The constant temperature and humidity unit is equipped with a Chinese display operator, working status and parameter query settings are all displayed in Chinese, and equipped with a complete failure alarm indicator system, which greatly facilitates the user's use. The constant dehumidification control energy level of microcomputer is more than other manufacturers. Make the control more precise and avoid large fluctuations in indoor temperature during adjustment.

◆All models with more than six horsepower adopt independent dual system and three-level electric heating system, which makes the temperature and humidity adjustment of the unit more precise, more efficient and energy-saving, and achieves control accuracy.

◆All models use imported high-quality electrode humidifiers, which can use various tap water, and tap water can be used directly without water treatment; the humidifier can adjust the steam output, so that the unit humidity can be adjusted very finely to achieve high control accuracy.

◆The design of the unit is flexible. Wellcome has multiple methods such as direct air, upper air supply and lower air supply, which can easily meet the needs of on-site installation. Using a skeleton structure, the internal parts have higher rigidity and reduce the vibration and noise of the unit. Each shell plate is pasted with a sufficient thickness of insulation and noise reduction material, and can be easily removed.

◆The fan adopts forward-curved multi-wing centrifugal double-suction impeller. The impeller has been tested for dynamic balance and has no noise and vibration during long-term operation to ensure a high air supply effect. The belt pulley drive can flexibly change the air volume of the unit, the external residual pressure and other parameters to facilitate Matching with the actual project; the fan comes with a motor adjustment board, which can easily adjust the belt tightness.

◆The dexterous and simple design makes maintenance and maintenance extremely convenient. All the accessories of the unit can be inspected and repaired directly from the front, and there is no need to stop the machine.

◆Refrigeration range

The cooling capacity ranges from 7kW to 300kW. It is widely used in workshops and centralized control rooms in machinery manufacturing, steel, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as restaurants, hotels, clubs, and other commercial air conditioning places to meet industrial process air conditioning and commercial comfort in different environments The need for air conditioning.

Regardless of whether it is transformation or reconstruction, because there is no need to set up a dedicated air-conditioned machine room, the freedom to choose the setting place is large, so that you can save valuable space. At the same time, FFU can be used in a wide range of hospital waiting rooms, nursing staff offices, lounges and other places to solve the air The question of cleanliness.


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