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Ducted air conditioner unit

Ducted air conditioner unit

HICON air duct air supply (heat pump) units include two series of return air and fresh air, which are air-cooled split air duct air supply. The company introduced advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes to design and develop a high-quality air-conditioning product. Can be widely used in villas, apartments, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, factory workshops and other industrial and civil construction fields. In particular, the new fan unit, as an independent fresh air system, is used with multiple online air conditioning systems, water cooling systems, etc., which has its unique advantages. Especially the antifreeze in winter is unmatched by the new wind turbines in the water system. It has irreplaceable advantages for places where return air cannot be recycled, such as infectious wards, special pharmaceutical factories, and toxic industrial operation plants. The product adopts imported high-quality parts, which has stable, reliable performance, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, simple structure, convenient installation, small size, long service life, etc., and is an ideal choice for users.

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Ducted air conditioner unit Details

◆ Gorgeous, comfortable and healthy
The air conditioner uses ducted air supply, and the indoor units and ducts are hidden in the ceiling. Like a large central air conditioner, it enhances the harmony of interior decoration and layout, and looks elegant and gorgeous. One air conditioner can be shared among multiple rooms, and can be selected according to the environment of each room The number of air outlets and the installation position fully take into account the load of the room to achieve a balanced temperature adjustment; by introducing fresh outdoor air and matching filter devices, the indoor air is fresh and healthy.
◆ Microcomputer control
Microcomputer user-friendly control, LED large LCD screen display, with five operation modes to choose from (cooling / dehumidification / ventilation / heating / automatic operation), with timing switch function, power failure memory function, real-time clock display, etc .; optimization The unit ’s monitoring logic, well-designed unit data query and fault alarm full-code query and prompt functions are convenient and practical, enabling the air-conditioning unit to be stable, efficient, and accurately control the indoor temperature, and achieve energy-saving operation while the human body feels more comfortable.
◆ control method
The units are equipped with standard, universal, fully compatible remote controllers, compact size (the size of the home-installed switch panel), large LCD display, and can be installed with 86-type switch box; compact, slim infrared remote control Allows you to remotely control the air-conditioning unit at will; reserve centralized group control interface for free choice.


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