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Screw water chiller

Screw water chiller

The Wellcome screw chiller is designed and manufactured in accordance with the GB/T18430.1 "Vapor Compression Cycle Water Chiller (Heat Pump) Unit, Commercial and Similar Water Chiller (Heat Pump) Unit" standard. It adopts high-efficiency twin-screw compressor, high-efficiency heat exchanger and advanced throttling mechanism. The energy efficiency ratio is as high as 5.4 or more, which greatly reduces the user's operating cost and saves energy. The unit can operate efficiently and reliably in a wide load range. It has the advantages of large energy efficiency ratio, low noise, small size, long life, simple operation, etc. The cooling capacity ranges from 140kW to 3470kW, and it can provide chilled water at 5~16℃. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc. It can also be used in the cooling process of plastic chemicals, precision instruments and other processes in the air-conditioned places of various large, medium and small buildings such as factories.

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Screw water chiller Details

◆The "heart" of the unit: The international brand twin screw compressor is selected. Compared with the traditional reciprocating compressor, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, stable and reliable operation, simple operation and long service life.

◆ Both the evaporator and condenser adopt high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchangers made of threaded copper tubes, so that the unit has a greater tolerance for impurities in the water system. Equipped with high-performance imported famous brand expansion valve, filter drier and other refrigeration accessories, so that the performance of the whole machine is excellent.

◆All types of water-cooled chillers are intelligently controlled by a microcomputer, and the electrical components are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad. It also has the function of remote linkage, cooperating with engineering installation, and convenient for users to use.

◆Each compressor of the unit has an independent refrigeration system, which does not affect each other, and is standby for each other. When one of them fails, the unit can continue to provide refrigeration. To ensure the safety of the user's air-conditioning use.

◆Because the moving parts of the unit are only compressors, and it is semi-enclosed and maintainable, it does not need to be replaced during the life of the unit, so the unit needs to be replaced with fewer wearing parts, and the amount of maintenance is small.

◆Safe, environmentally friendly and economical: As water passes through the rooms as a refrigerant, there is no risk of Freon leakage. Free domestic hot water can be used during summer operation.

◆Independent control: Each user's air conditioner is an independent system, and the air-conditioning fee is directly reflected in the utility bill. Luxury and frugality are left to you, which completely solves the problem of choosing heating and cooling air-conditioning for multi-bedroom large apartments.


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