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Clean operating room air conditioner

Clean operating room air conditioner

The air-conditioning unit for clean operating room is a special equipment that directly supplies air to the clean operating room and the area it serves or other similar places with biological control requirements. It mainly includes air circulation and filtering and purification devices, not only including refrigeration systems, heating, humidification, purification and ventilation devices, but also special measures to control the growth of microorganisms.

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Clean operating room air conditioner Details

Product features:

◆ Save investment
The unit comes with a cold and heat source, which eliminates the water system necessary for the traditional water-cooled (air-cooled) chiller plus the purification air cabinet unit, which greatly saves the user's investment. The unit has a simple and compact structure, which does not require a special machine room. It can be operated simply by wiring and taking over. It is easy to install and simpler to use and maintain.
◆ intelligent control
The air-conditioning unit adopts an electromechanical integration design and is equipped with an intelligent controller, which can provide various control functions such as constant temperature and humidity, function setting, fault alarm, remote monitoring, etc., to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit.
◆ full functioning
The length, width, and height of the indoor unit are all modularized, and the selection is flexible and convenient. Cooling, dehumidifying, heating, humidifying, filtering, muffler, mixing, diverting, heat recovery and other functionally complete combination sections can meet different requirements.
◆ Framework
The indoor unit adopts a frame structure, which is exquisite in structure, easy to assemble, and has good air tightness. It is treated with special sealant and the air leakage rate is only 0.3%. It is equipped with thermal insulation rubber and plastic to effectively prevent cold bridges; 25mm (optional), 32mm (standard) ) / 50mm (optional) reinforced high-pressure environmental protection foam double-layer panel with good thermal insulation performance and high pressure bearing capacity, which meets the high residual pressure requirements of the purification unit.
◆ Dust removal and sterilization
The indoor unit adopts a high-quality multi-stage (primary, medium, sub-efficient, and high-efficiency) air filtration system with a filtration efficiency of up to 99.99999%; a stainless steel dry drain pan that completely drains condensate to prevent bacterial growth; more configurable High-intensity UV lamp and ozone generator and other sterilization devices can completely kill bacteria.
· High efficiency and low noise
The outdoor unit uses a brand-name fully-enclosed scroll compressor, which has high efficiency, low noise, and strong resistance to liquid impact. The indoor unit uses imported high-quality double-entry centrifugal fans or volute-free fans (optional), and is equipped with special anti-vibration measures. , Running quieter.

◆ Purification design
The special frame structure guarantees that the inner surface of the unit is smooth and smooth. The high-efficiency heat exchanger made of hydrophilic aluminum foil can effectively avoid dust accumulation and prevent secondary dust. The special design and material can resist disinfectant and air corrosion, and it is good for regular cleaning And disinfection.


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