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High temperature special air conditioner

High temperature special air conditioner

It is widely used in the cab, electrical room, high-pressure room of the four major vehicles (coke blocking truck, quenching truck, coal filling truck, coke pushing truck) in the metallurgy industry, steel mills, field operations and coking industry.

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High temperature special air conditioner Details


◆Improve the working environment, and can work normally under high temperature ≤80℃;

◆Introduce German special air-conditioning technology to ensure the advanced nature of the product;

◆The main components adopt scroll compressors and well-known brand electrical components to ensure the working stability of condensers and evaporators in harsh environments;

◆According to user needs, high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly refrigerants (R142b, R134a) can be selected:

◆Using a humanized interface operating system and a synchronous refrigeration mode, making the operation easier and ensuring the product's shock resistance, automatic dust resistance, and high temperature resistance;

◆The design can be changed in this series of products according to the different requirements of users, and various accessories are available to meet the needs of different users.

◆For the convenience of installation, users can request the indoor unit and outdoor unit mounting frame assembly before ordering.

◆"High Ambient Temperature Air Conditioning Unit" Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standard Drafting Unit.


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