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Intergarted hygienic air conditioning unit for hospital Operating room Suppliers

Intergarted hygienic air conditioning unit for hospital Operating room

Intergarted hygienic air conditioning unit for hospital Operating room

This product is a high-tech product developed by the company using Japanese technology. Today's medical technology is developing rapidly with each passing day, a large number of advanced electronic technology and biotechnology are used, and the medical environment requires continuous improvement. With the continuous improvement of diagnosis and treatment technology, the sterilization of operating rooms and wards, and the integration of functions are becoming more and more important. The independent integrated air-conditioning clean system with space saving, high performance and convenient operation has been widely used in Japanese hospitals. .

This product is currently one of the leading air-conditioning purification and disinfection products for operating rooms. It can be used in hospital clean operating rooms, clean auxiliary rooms, and clean laboratories. Because it uses physical filtration methods to clean and disinfect air, it has no harm to the human body. Extend to other areas such as clean workshops, as the leading product of indoor air purification.

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Intergarted hygienic air conditioning unit for hospital Operating room Details


◆Intelligent control of temperature and humidity, free combination to meet cleanliness requirements.

By adjusting the number of ACU (Air Condition Unit) and FFU (Fan Fitter Unit), the free combination design can range from cleanliness 10,000 to 1,000. The air cleanliness can reach class 100 by adding purification stratification. Cleanliness, to meet different air cleanliness requirements from general surgery to transplantation operations, using indoor temperature and humidity sensors to automatically and intelligently adjust the indoor temperature and humidity to meet your constant temperature and humidity requirements. The intelligent control system equipped with ACU can control the operation of the system equipment with one button under the requirements you set.

◆No need for dedicated air-conditioning machine room and equipment floor, making full use of effective space

The necessary air filtration and cleanness of the sterile room, constant cooling and heating, humidification, dehumidification and other functions are adjusted and controlled by an independent ACU. The unit does not need to be equipped with a sterile dedicated air-conditioning room and equipment layer, and the required air pipes are less, so the system is not limited by the size of the space, and can be freely combined and set up. In the operating room, the air-conditioning device with all internal equipment is embedded in the wall and connected to the wall. There is no need to add an air-conditioning machine room and equipment layer like other air-conditioning purification systems. The saved space becomes a disinfection room, making you valuable space Can be fully and effectively used.

◆Independent system, high efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost.

In the case of multiple operating room settings, each operating room system can operate independently. You can set the environment of each operating room separately according to the needs of the operation. Each system is equipped with a single high-efficiency air conditioner to avoid This reduces the energy waste of large-scale central air-conditioning equipment and reduces operating costs.

◆Quickly achieve the predetermined cleanliness.

0.3um 0.0.P test result, 99.99% filtration efficiency, 1500m3/h air volume, from the start of the system operation, the cleanliness of the operating room changes curve, you can see the rapidity of the cleanliness you want, only 5 minutes can be achieved The cleanliness of class 10,000, the high cleanliness of class 1,000 can be achieved in 12.5 minutes. Therefore, the necessary clean space can be quickly provided in an emergency.

◆Low noise (42dB), low vibration.

The single test result of the air conditioner achieves a low noise of 42dB, and the actual test result of a clean room with two air conditioners 1,000 cleanliness is only 45dB. The design concept of low noise and low vibration is fully realized.

◆Easy installation and short construction period.

As the main components are assembled in the factory and moved into the construction site, the wet and dry construction method is adopted. Therefore, it has the characteristics of low installation noise, fast construction and less garbage. Medical air conditioning systems can be installed in rooms with a ceiling height of 2.6m or more. The system has the advantages of easy machine loading, simple installation and short construction period.

◆It is the best way to renovate existing wards and operating rooms.

Since it will not affect the normal operation of medical staff and the existing air conditioning system, this system is the best way to modify an existing ward or operating room into a sterile room.

◆Refrigeration range

The refrigeration capacity ranges from 7.5kW to 12kW. No matter it’s transformation or reconstruction, there is no need to set up a dedicated air-conditioning room, so you have a lot of freedom to choose a place to save your precious space. It can be widely used in hospital operating rooms and waiting rooms. Nursing staff offices, lounges and other places to solve the problem of clean air.


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