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Air handling unit for medication storage rooms

Air handling unit for medication storage rooms

Hicon pharmacy cooler unit special air-conditioning is a new generation of air-conditioning products researched and developed by the company based on its talents. Based on the working conditions and characteristics of pharmaceutical cold storage and shady storage,
Manufacture of industrial air conditioners that professionally serve pharmaceutical warehouses: product categories include air-cooled cabinet air conditioners, air-cooled ceiling air conditioners, and water-cooled cabinet air conditioners.
The industrial air conditioner has the advanced international and domestic design concepts and refrigeration accessories. Each model has been tested by the company's nationally recognized and authorized laboratory.
The heart test has a reputation of beautiful appearance, superior performance, convenient installation and maintenance, stability and reliability.
Dedicated air-conditioning products have a complete range of models and a large number of model distributions, which can meet the needs of various users. In addition to specializing in pharmaceutical storage, it can also be widely used in chemicals, food, etc.
Storage room for various materials.

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Air handling unit for medication storage rooms Details


◆ Advanced performance
High-efficiency scroll compressor, internationally-balanced external thermal expansion valve, well-designed and manufactured high-performance heat exchanger, the unit has undergone nationally recognized and authorized experiments
The careful testing by the testing center makes the products have high performance and quality, and has outstanding advantages in energy saving and consumption reduction.
◆ Evaporator
The heat exchanger uses high-performance internally threaded copper tubes and hydrophilic louvered aluminum spoiler fins, which are processed by advanced mechanical tube expansion technology to achieve the outstanding heat transfer efficiency.
Rate, fully consider the heat exchange area required for low temperature heat exchange, large space design, no frost, icing worry.
◆ Condenser
The heat exchanger adopts a large-pitch corrugated spoiler aluminum fin design, which is processed by an advanced mechanical tube expansion process to meet the heat transfer performance and efficiency to the greatest extent.
This kind of harsh environment makes the product durable.
◆ Microcomputer control
Microcomputer user-friendly control, LCD large LCD screen display, RS-485 communication interface is provided, temperature can be set in the range of 0C ~ 30C, with timing switch function,
Electric memory function, real-time clock display, etc .; optimized control logic, well-designed operating data and fault alarm full code query, prompt function, convenient and practical, unit
Equipped with various protection functions to ensure safe and worry-free operation.
◆ Clean filtration
The air-conditioning unit is equipped with an air filter, a double-layer nylon filter that can be repeatedly washed, and the initial filtration efficiency (large weight method and 65% efficiency) can be configured according to customer needs.
Set the intermediate efficiency level, easy to disassemble.
◆ Easy maintenance and repair
Simple and functional frame structure design, fully considers the need for flexible installation and maintenance, makes installation and maintenance very convenient, and provides double-layer initial effect removable and washable
Filter, long life.


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