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Railway transportation base station air handling unit

Railway transportation base station air handling unit

The high-speed rail base station air conditioner is an air-conditioning system for automatic cooling and heating control of the IoT and communication unattended computer rooms along the high-speed rail, and can realize the remote collection of temperature and humidity data in the computer room through the RS485 communication protocol, and monitor and manage the operation and status of the air conditioner , Through higher air-conditioning energy efficiency and quality requirements to ensure that the unattended computer room has good stability, safety, and economy, and the purpose of saving energy consumption while ensuring the normal operation of communication equipment.

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Railway transportation base station air handling unit Details


◆High energy efficiency ratio: using high-efficiency fully enclosed rotor or scroll compressor, using extremely stable external balance thermal expansion valve, carefully designed high-efficiency heat exchanger, after a large number of matching experiments, the products have high performance The coefficient and the energy efficiency ratio are above 3.0, which has significant advantages in energy saving and consumption reduction.

◆High sensible heat ratio: In a relatively closed base station or computer room environment, the operation of electronic equipment releases a large amount of sensible heat. According to this situation, the unit is carefully designed to have the characteristics of large air volume and small temperature difference, and the sensible heat ratio reaches more than 85%. Quickly perform environmental cooling without keeping the room too dry.

◆Lightning protection function: air-conditioning equipment has good lightning protection measures and meets the requirements of YD5098-2005 for lightning protection and overvoltage protection;

◆Remote monitoring: The unit provides RS-485 communication interface, which can communicate with the remote monitoring computer in full parameters. It has two control modes, local and remote, and has three remote functions:

Remote measurement: It has the ability to remotely detect the temperature and humidity in the computer room.

Remote signal: It can read the air conditioner operating status parameters and fault information remotely.

Remote control: It can remotely control the switch of the air conditioner and the setting of related parameters.

◆Power-off self-start: In order to adapt to the unstable situation of the power supply grid in Chinese cities and villages, the power-off self-start function is specially designed. When the power is turned on soon after a sudden power failure, the unit will remember and maintain the operating state of the air conditioner before the power failure. Start running automatically.

◆Dual-machine switching: The dual-machine switching function is very suitable for unattended base stations in some remote places. For safety reasons, users will adopt the design of host plus standby machine, which can realize dual-machine alternate cooling operation to achieve the need for extended service life. The most important The point is that when one air conditioner fails, the other will be put into operation immediately until the problematic unit returns to normal.

◆Cryogenic refrigeration: The base station or computer room generates a large amount of heat and needs to be cooled throughout the year. The refrigeration and air conditioning are designed to match the summer temperature. The cooling operation in the transitional season and winter environment will seriously endanger the life of the unit. Therefore, the special air conditioner for Wellcome Special design is carried out and countermeasure accessories are added, so that the product can operate stably and reliably in cold environment.

◆Microcomputer control: The base station special air conditioner adopts a specially developed large-screen Chinese character text controller. The high-safety and reliable microcomputer controller ic has powerful function driving capabilities and communication ports, which can realize multi-machine networking and remote centralized monitoring data exchange capabilities to ensure Control and network use are foolproof, saving base station operation and management costs.

◆Automatic fault diagnosis: The base station special air conditioner has a variety of automatic fault diagnosis and code display functions, and can be transmitted to the remote monitoring unit from the communication port, so that the maintenance personnel can know the fault location at a glance, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.


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