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Unitary air conditioning unit

Unitary air conditioning unit

The unit type air-conditioning unit is a new generation of air-conditioning products carefully developed by the company based on the talents of the company. It focuses on the most selected international and domestic design concepts and refrigeration accessories. Each model has been tested by the company's nationally recognized authorization. The central test has a reputation of beautiful appearance, superior performance, convenient installation and maintenance, stability and reliability. Unit air conditioners can be divided into two categories: air-cooled and water-cooled. The product series is complete, and the models are distributed. It can meet the needs of various users. It is widely used in various iron and steel plants, chemical plants, paper mills, printing plants, power plants, substations, clothing factories and other industrial areas and various electrical control rooms. 

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Unitary air conditioning unit Details

◆ The unit can achieve annual cooling operation in an ultra-wide environment range (-15 degrees to 55 degrees), which better meets the use of various electrical room control rooms; the unit's unique anti-corrosion process completely solves the air problems in paper mills and chemical plants The corrosive phenomenon of medium corrosive gas on the product to avoid the leakage of the product caused by the gas corroding the copper pipe.
◆ Diverse forms and functions
The unit cabinet is divided into two types: direct air supply and top air supply. According to the requirements of different working environment or the function of the place of use, the unit is derived from single cooling type, cold wind electric heating type, cold heating heat pump type, and cold air steam tray. Tube heating and heat pump electric auxiliary heating units are available for users to choose from, with many types and models, and a wide range of cooling capacity, which can meet the needs of various commercial space and industrial special occasions using air conditioners.
◆ Direct air supply
Direct air supply type adopts two-way leaf window blower, long air supply distance, large air volume, and simple and flexible features of small split machine, which reduces the amount of user decoration and installation work, reduces investment, and meets the needs of users in various spaces. Air conditioning is required and can be put into use quickly.
◆Top air supply
The top air supply type uses ducted air supply. One air conditioner can be shared in multiple rooms. The number of air outlets and the installation location are selected according to the environment of each section to meet the needs of balanced temperature control and ventilation in large spaces. By introducing fresh outdoor air, And equipped with a filtering device to ensure fresh and healthy indoor air.
◆ Complete control, convenient operation and safe operation
All units have a control panel. A hand-held controller is installed on the control panel to conveniently control the operation of the unit. The unit uses a single power connection and does not require additional control power. The unit control system includes compressor overload protection and motor winding protection. , Refrigeration system high and low pressure protection, water flow protection and other safety protection measures to ensure
◆The design of the unit is flexible. Wellcome has a variety of methods such as direct air supply, upper air supply and lower air supply, which can easily meet the site installation needs.
◆ Smart and simple design makes maintenance and repair extremely convenient. All the unit's accessories can be inspected and repaired directly from the front, and there is no need to stop.


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