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Innovation is the key to achieving a leap in quality and creating core competitiveness in all industries. Immersed in the refrigeration industry for 18 years, Hicon has made great efforts in the field of special air-conditioning and custom air-conditioning. Adhering to the unique, leading and professional product research and development policy, and focusing on the research and development and accumulation of intellectual property rights, the company has more than one hundred core patents.

In 2014, our company's enterprise technology center was identified as the provincial-level enterprise technology center in Zhejiang Province. As a solution provider for air conditioning in special fields, the company always adheres to its professional positioning and has developed a variety of special refrigeration equipment. Developed professional high-temperature-resistant air conditioners that can still be refrigerated at 80 ° C for the smelting industry, R & D offshore air conditioners for PetroChina and CNOOC, marine air conditioners for ocean-going ships, and 5G base station special air conditioners for 5G base station construction, and grain storage for China Storage The special air conditioner overcomes the problem of corrosion of the air-conditioning materials by the pharmaceutical during the fumigation process of the granary. It has developed a special glass production line process air conditioner for the glass industry, replacing the imported air conditioner of the original supporting production line. It has also developed nuclear magnetic resonance cooling equipment for nuclear magnetic resonance therapy equipment. Solved the acid pickling waste liquid of the factory, developed waste acid recovery unit, researched and developed the mushroom room special air conditioner for agricultural planting, developed the shovel special air conditioner for the 10 million tons of open-pit mining, and developed the electric room anticorrosion special air conditioner for the paper industry. The research and development of special air conditioners for containers, such as container-specific air conditioners for the energy, power, communications, and new retail industries, has filled a number of domestic technologies and has become a leader in the domestic special air-conditioning industry.

Explore user-centric, demand-driven application innovation. It is tailor-made for customers from the entire field of requirements analysis, design, manufacturing, commissioning and installation. The needs of customers are the inexhaustible driving force of Hicon innovation.

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