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The detection center established in 2000, a department of the original Hicon Group Co Ltd, was incorporated into Ningbo Industry Co, Itd in 2003. Obtaining the CNAs certificate issued by the National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment of China in August 2, 2007, it is engaged professionally in air conditioning unit performance testing, and its testing confirmation is accepted in over 50 countries The laboratory is located in the company's factory occupying an area of 2350m2, including the enthalpy difference lab, testing room, office, noise vibration test room, etc. Equipped with a total of more than 150 kinds of instruments, more than RMB 30million of fixed assets, the laboratory can hold the performance and safety for the central air conditioner products according to the relevant standards The laboratory has complete organization, testing-processing control system and many-years experienced professional personnel team. The testing work is carried out independently without influence from administration, or economical interest. The laboratory has 15 staff, among them 5 with medium grade professional title and bachelor diploma or above.





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