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  • Hicon as a collaborating lab of CITS

    Ningbo Hicon Industry Co., Ltd.'s experimental testing center was hired into the pool and becomes a collaborating laboratory of the China Inspection and Testing Society in April. The appointment is from Apr. 1, 2023, to Mar. 31, 2025.   Ningbo Hicon Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional industri... read more

    Apr 12,2023 News
  • Hicon wins several bids for industrial and commercial projects

    Hicon Industry won several projects recently.   300,000 tons BDO project of Xinjiang Zhongtai Jinhui Technology Co. Ltd. more than one hundred sets of air-cooled constant temperature and humidity precision air conditioners, air-cooled cold air type unitary air conditioners, and ducted air condi... read more

    Mar 16,2023 News
  • Hicon holds seminars for partners across the country

    February 14-17th, representatives of agents and partners from all across the country joined together at Ningbo Hicon Industry headquarter. They visited our factory workshops and attended a 2-day program of conferences and seminars.  Mr. Zhang from Shanxi office and the leader of our R&D team, Mr... read more

    Feb 17,2023 News
  • Ningbo Hicon Industry will show up at more events in 2023

    Welcoming a brand new 2023! Ningbo Hicon Industry will meet you at more international events in the new year of water rabbit! We will be appreciated it if you show any interest! an advanced release: · Apr. 7th-9th: our sales managers and engineers will show up at CRH 2023 (THE 34TH INTERNATIONAL EXH... read more

    Jan 29,2023 Company News
  • Hicon cooperates with university research institutes - Dalian University of Technology

    Ningbo Hicon Industry and Ningbo Research Institute of Dalian University of Technology held a signing ceremony for cooperation and doctoral innovation station on 20th Dec., announcing the establishment of a joint research center for artificial environment technology, thus starting a strategic cooper... read more

    Dec 28,2022 Company News
  • Ningbo Hicon Industry improves with patents

    Hicon Industry is always focusing on technical innovation. Various technological improvements are evidence of our professionalism.  We now hold over 100 national patents, covering inventions, utility models and designs. Our specialists in the R&D team are working hard on solutions. The following... read more

    Dec 14,2022 Company News
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