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Innovation is the key to achieving progress and improvement in all industries. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Hicon specializes in providing high-quality industrial air conditioners and good services. Attaching great importance to R&D and intellectual property, the company has more than 100 patents.

In 2014, our company was recognized as the Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. In 2019, we established Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation as well as a postdoctoral research station with Zhejiang University.

As a provider of air-conditioning solutions in industrial applications, Hicon focuses on its profession and has a variety of industrial air conditioning units. With the principle of "creating value beyond price", the company won praise from users at home and abroad. Our products are widely used in countless applications, projects and industries such as steel metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, petrochemicals, medical, railway base stations, telecommunication, coal coking, aircraft and shipbuilding, electrical power, papermaking, food storage, precision control, agriculture, commercial buildings, hotel buildings, etc. Products range from high-temperature industrial air conditioners that can still work at 80 degrees, precision air conditioners for computer rooms, marine air conditioners, grain cooling units, container air conditioners, air handling units for mushroom cultivation etc. At the same time, Hicon also advocates the concept of harmonious development between humans and nature. It also works on developing recycling, energy-saving and environmentally friendly commercial air conditioners; its refrigeration and heat pump technology has been applied in agriculture to help China towards an agricultural power.

We are exploring innovation in customer-oriented applications. We start by analyzing the demand, and design, produce, test and install. Customers' needs are the ultimate goal of Hicon's innovation.

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