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Freezer is a relatively common machine equipment


  The freezer is a relatively common machine and equipm […]

  The freezer is a relatively common machine and equipment, and it is still widely used in daily life. Although the performance of the freezer is very good, there will still be certain failures in the freezer during use. So, what failures will occur during the use of the freezer? What are the effects of these failures?
   freezer products are a type of various domestic chiller products, and are a kind of efficient and professional refrigeration mechanical equipment in domestic industrial production. For refrigerator products, the discharge temperature is an important parameter in the operation of the refrigeration compressor and must be strictly controlled. If the exhaust temperature is too high, it will cause overheating of the special refrigeration compressor of the chiller. Next, we describe the impact of excessively high exhaust gas temperature on the refrigerator during operation.
   For refrigerator products, one of the main production components is the compressor, and the working exhaust of the compressor is particularly important. In the operation of the refrigerator, if the compressor discharge temperature is too high, it will directly cause the lubricating oil and refrigerant to thermally decompose under the catalysis of the metal, and generate acids, free carbon, and moisture that are harmful to the compressor. This kind of harm is greater.
  Sometimes, if the exhaust gas of the refrigerator product is too high during the exhaust process, it will also have a certain impact on the operation of the refrigerator product. For example, if free carbon accumulates on the exhaust valve, it will not only damage its tightness, but also increase flow resistance. If the flaked carbon residue is taken out of the compressor, it will block the capillary tube and the dryer. The acid substances will corrode the components of the chiller refrigeration system and electrical insulation materials.


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