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Interpretation of the refrigeration principle of small chillers


The small chiller is a product planned to be produced s […]

The small chiller is a product planned to be produced specifically for supporting small industrial equipment. It has the advantages of simplicity and ease of use, dexterity, elegant shape, and wide range of practicality. It is an aspirational supporting product for small industrial equipment. What is the refrigeration principle of a small chiller? The following editor will give a detailed introduction, hoping to help the public.
  The refrigeration principle of the small chiller:
  The operation of the chiller system is through three interconnected systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, and electrical automatic control system.
   Compressor: Compressor is the central component of the entire refrigeration system and the source of power for refrigerant compression. Its function is to convert the input electric energy into machine energy and shrink the refrigerant.
   chiller refrigerant circulation system:
The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat from the water and starts to evaporate. The final refrigerant and the water form a certain temperature difference. The liquid refrigerant is also completely evaporated and becomes gaseous and then sucked by the compressor and compressed (pressure and temperature addition) , The gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser (air-cooled/water-cooled), consolidates into a liquid, saves it through the thermal expansion valve (or capillary tube), and turns into a low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant that enters the evaporator to complete the refrigerant cycle process.
   The basic composition of the chiller refrigeration system:
  Condenser: In the refrigeration process, the condenser plays a role in outputting heat energy and condensing the refrigerant. After the high-pressure superheated steam squeezed out of the refrigeration compressor enters the condenser, all the heat absorbed in the work process, including the heat absorbed from the evaporator and refrigeration compressor, and in the pipeline, are reported to the surrounding medium (water Or air) taken away; the high-pressure superheated vapor of the refrigerant reconsolidates into a liquid. (According to the difference of cooling medium and cooling method, condensers can be divided into three categories: water-cooled condensers, air-cooled condensers, and evaporative condensers.) Liquid receiver: The liquid receiver is installed after the condenser. Yizhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. and the drain pipe of the condenser are indirectly connected. The refrigerant liquid in the condenser should flow into the receiver unimpededly, so that the cooling area of ​​the condenser can be sufficiently used. On the other hand, when the heat load of the evaporator changes, the demand for refrigerant liquid in the Beijing chiller also changes. At that time, the liquid reservoir played a role in regulating and storing refrigerant. Regarding the small-scale chiller refrigeration device system, the liquid receiver is often not installed, but the condenser is used to adjust and store the refrigerant.


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