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The reason why the fan of air-cooled chiller does not run


   Many areas lack water sources, or air-cooled chiller […]

   Many areas lack water sources, or air-cooled chillers for cooling and cooling of supporting mechanical equipment. After several years of use, such and other small failures may occur. A more common possibility is that the fan of the unit is not running. Therefore, today I will share with you the reasons and solutions for the fans of air-cooled chillers not running.
   1. The motor winding of the fan is burnt out. Solution: Replace the motor or rewind the wire set.
   2. The belt is damaged. Solution: Replace the belt.
   3. The fan relay is burned out. Solution: Replace the relay.
   Fourth, the wire connection is loose. Solution: Check and tighten the wire connection.
   5. The bearing of the fan motor is stuck. Solution: Replace the bearing.
   The functions of air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are the same. They are both cooling and cooling. The main difference lies in the different cooling methods. The fan of the air-cooled chiller is very important. It is the component that the finned condenser of the air-cooled unit constantly exchanges with the air. Once the heat dissipation is not good, it will directly affect the chiller's failure to cool normally.
Therefore, after the air-cooled chiller has been running for half a year or a year, it is necessary to clean the finned condenser and clean up the dust and other debris on the fan to ensure it is clean and tidy. Save operating costs.


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