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What should be paid attention to in the use of chiller refrigerant


 The refrigerant is often used in the chiller refrigera […]

 The refrigerant is often used in the chiller refrigeration unit. The refrigerant is a necessary substance for the refrigeration cycle and is indispensable. It plays an important role for the entire chiller. Because the physical and chemical properties of various refrigerants are different, the use and storage of refrigerants are also different in chillers.
At different temperatures, refrigerants have different saturation pressures. At room temperature, some have high pressures and some have low pressures. However, no matter what the pressure is, various refrigerant cylinders are pressure vessels. Be careful when using them. In addition, various refrigerants have different properties, and most of them are explosives. The chiller may explode when the steel cylinder is not checked for corrosion, or when it encounters sudden exposure or fire from outside, and some refrigerants are still toxic. Therefore, care must be taken in the storage, handling, and use of refrigerants.
No matter what kind of refrigerant is used up, the cylinder valve should be closed immediately. When the system is overhauled, if the refrigerant is drawn from the series and pressed into the cylinder, it should be sufficiently cooled, and the weight of the injected cylinder should be strictly controlled. Never install it. Full, generally not more than 60% of the volume of the cylinder, allowing it to expand at room temperature to a certain extent. In addition, when using a halogen lamp to detect leaks in the chiller refrigeration system, if the color changes, after determining the leak point, immediately remove the suction port , So as to avoid phosgene poisoning.



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