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FCU(including purification FCU)

FCU(including purification FCU)

Fan coil is the most ideal terminal device for centralized air conditioners, which is widely used in apartments, buildings, hotels, hospitals and other places;
Based on the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with years of professional production experience, the brand fan coil unit has been continuously improved and formed. Now it has a complete variety and superior performance, and has completely met the design requirements of various occasions. Seven kinds of specifications: horizontal concealed installation, horizontal concealed installation with return air box, horizontal surface installation, vertical surface installation, vertical concealed installation, cassette semi-surface installation, cassette semi-surface installation, four hair dryers. · Air volume 340 ~ 2490m3 / h, cooling capacity 1800-13423W.

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FCU(including purification FCU) Details

◆ The inlet and outlet water connections have left and right interfaces (the person facing the air outlet shall prevail).
◆ High static pressure and general static pressure (standard type).
◆Small size: The unit is compact in structure, convenient in connecting pipes and wires, and easy to install.
◆ High efficiency: The advanced tube expansion technology ensures close contact between the copper tube and the aluminum foil of the heat exchanger, and the heat transfer performance is good.
◆ Low noise: Reasonable fan and airflow structure design, high-quality sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials, make the unit noise lower than national standards 1-
3dB (A).
◆ Low energy consumption: The fan and the heat exchanger are reasonably matched, and the three-stage adjustable air volume makes the fan use the least power.


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