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Purification fan-coil unit

Purification fan-coil unit

Fan coils are ideal terminal devices for centralized air conditioners, which are widely used in apartments, buildings, hotels, hospitals and other places; "Hicon" brand fan coils are based on the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with years of professional production experience, Formed by continuous improvement, now it has a complete range of products and superior performance, which can fully meet the design needs of various occasions. Seven specifications: horizontal concealed installation, horizontal concealed installation with return bellows, horizontal exposed installation, vertical exposed installation, vertical concealed installation, cassette semi-exposed installation, cassette semi-exposed installation with four blowers.

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Purification fan-coil unit Details

◆The air volume is 340-3400m³/h, and the cooling volume is 180-18000W.

◆The inlet and outlet pipes have left and right interfaces (the person facing the air outlet shall prevail).

◆Have high static pressure and general static pressure (standard type).

◆Small size: The unit has a compact structure, convenient pipe and wire connection, and easy installation.

◆High efficiency: The advanced tube expansion technology ensures the close contact between the copper tube of the heat exchanger and the aluminum foil, and the heat transfer performance is good.

◆Low noise: Reasonable fan and airflow structure design, high-quality sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials, make the noise of the unit lower than the national standard.

◆Low energy consumption: the fan and the heat exchanger are reasonably matched, and the air volume can be adjusted in three gears, so that the fan uses the most electricity.


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