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Nuclear magnetic resonance cooling device

Nuclear magnetic resonance cooling device

MRI, as a new type of imaging technology, can help doctors "see" early lesions that are not easily detectable. It has become a powerful tool for early screening of tumors, heart diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. As one of the key peripheral equipment of the nuclear magnetic resonance system, the cooling device has two functions: one is to cool the gradient coil; the other is to cool the liquid ammonia compressor. At present, under the situation of mainly importing from abroad, we have successfully developed a nuclear magnetic resonance cooling device that completely replaces similar foreign products.

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Nuclear magnetic resonance cooling device Details


◆Piping anti-vibration seal: design pipeline connection structure, design pipeline manufacturing equipment, design effective control process, design quality control plan, so that the finished product has a high degree of anti-vibration sealing quality and life ability.

◆High specification configuration to ensure that all components in the system will not produce any trace of magnetism.

◆Software system: Design and develop the temperature precision control strategy logic to meet the safety management control of the nuclear magnetic resonance host, the remote information collection, communication, and control rules of the Internet of Things, to achieve safe and reliable management, and achieve remote supervision and maintenance capabilities.

◆Dynamic temperature control performance: carefully match the performance of heat exchange, power, control software and other accessories to meet the dynamic temperature control performance of maximum and minimum load, hydraulic state and environmental range, ensuring that the product can provide high performance and high precision under various conditions , High reliability, high stability service.

◆Fanjin anti-corrosion new technology: the use of new management mode makes the product's large-scale integral welding frame and large-scale panel sheet metal spraying have excellent anti-corrosion quality.

◆PPA production management tools: Introduce international advanced PPA tools, establish real-time information exchange with customers in parts, production schedule, inventory and other stages, and do controllable parts management, real-time schedule management, dynamic inventory management, and efficient control of quality and safety management .

◆FMEA management tools: Introduce international advanced FMEA management tools, introduce DFMEA and PFMEA in the product development process, and ensure that products have high reliability and high stability through advanced management models.


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